IM-21 Reviews (Mike Tyson) Iron Matrix-21 Weight Loss Supplement Program?

Mike Tyson and his team recently released a new product known as IM-21 – a supplement that helps enhance muscle growth and helps you cut fat at a rapid rate.

Energy will surge through your body when you take IM-21 and go about your daily workouts. You will be able to sleep better at night, recover from your workouts and gain strength with efficiency.

IM-21 Description

Bodybuilders and weekend warriors can enhance their muscle growth as they take IM-21 every day with the vitamins and nutrients needed to cut the fat from your body.

Performance enhancement is the crucial feature of IM-21, so it’s not a protein powder or something you take before working out. IM-21 products enhance performance by:

IM-21 Burn: Taking IM-21 Burn helps you think more clearly and feel more energized. Caffeine is the main performance enhancer here. Combine this supplement with the correct amount of water and consume it daily for fast results.

IM-21 Build: This powdered supplement helps you get better sleep while restoring your muscles to normal. Like IM-21 Burn, mix the Build powder with water to enjoy all the benefits.

As you age, your body’s ability to grow on its own will get more complicated, and you may be more stressed. IM-21 works to have your body produce more muscle mass naturally.

Anabolic boosters such as calcium HMB and creatine are blended with sleep-supporting ingredients such as melatonin and valerian for natural growth. Hence, you can get the sleep you need while enhancing your muscles.

How You Can Benefit From Using IM-21

Consuming IM-21 products every day will give you health perks, including:

  • Increased power and toughness.
  • Quicker metabolic rates.
  • A deeper sleep at night.
  • Reduced fat levels in your body.
  • Making gains faster in the gym.
  • Enhanced mental clarity.
  • More willpower to go about your day and your goals.

If you suffer from a sluggish metabolism, insomnia, or you feel like you’re losing muscle, you can benefit from using IM-21. Enduring these health problems will hinder how you perform in the gym, but IM-21 will nip these issues in the bud.

Directions for Using IM-21

To use either the Build or Burn supplements, you must combine the powder with the appropriate amount of water to turn it into a muscle enhancement drink that you consume every day.

This is the process to follow for taking IM-21:

  • 1. Combine IM-21 and Water: Burn is for the morning while Build is for the evening. Combine the powder with water or another drink such as milk or a shake.
  • 2. Enjoy the Taste: Drink the mixture to power your muscles with the amino acids they need so your body can grow more muscle.
  • 3. Start Muscle Growth: You will be able to burn more fat and increase your muscle with the anabolic ingredients in IM-21.

The Ingredients in IM-21

Each type of IM-21 product has its own set of ingredients. Mike Tyson calls taking the products together with the “iron matrix formula” you can get the essential nutrients you need from transparently disclosed resources.

Creatine: If you are taking a workout performance supplement, that means more than likely there’s creatine in it. No wonder because it helps to increase muscle mass while being a close alternative to whey protein.

The ingredients overall help your body undergo an anabolic state so that your muscles can grow.

HMB: Clinical studies have shown that HMB can reinforce muscle growth while increasing your strength. It’s the ingredient most responsible for putting your body in an anabolic state. Here are other elements featured in the IM-21 line:

Vitamin D3: This vitamin is essential for keeping your bones healthy and muscles strong when accompanied by HMB and creatine. Power and toughness levels can rise as much as 20% with Vitamin D present in one’s daily vitamin intake.

Fructose: This is how your body will make glycogen and grow your muscles. Your vitamins will absorb better when taking fructose and creatine together.

Glycine: Out of all amino acids known, glycine was the first to be found globally. It’s already in your body, so having it in IM-21 will also help your muscular growth and energy-boosting.

Protease (or Papain): Papain is how the IM-21 supplement gets protease since papain is a kind of protease. The digestive enzyme readily deconstructs proteins so they can be absorbed into your body. The protease will ease these symptoms if you have experienced bloating while regularly consuming a protein powder supplement.

L-Glutamine: L-Glutamine is another amino acid already in your body. If your body is stressed, this amino acid will be retrieved from the tissues in your muscles to calm the body.

Taurine: Your energy levels depend on how taurine can keep your digestion in balance.

Caffeine: Your energy levels will soar with more fat burning thanks to the caffeine in IM-21. This ingredient will provide you with mental clarity and increased energy levels to keep you focused and motivated while training.

L-Phenylalanine: IM-21 includes this amino acid to support you and your bodily functions. Otherwise, you can usually get some of this from your food.

B Vitamins: The B vitamins included are 2, 6, and 12, to be exact. If you want to increase your metabolic rate and have better digestion, you’ll need to be taking B vitamins. They also help keep your cognitive functions sharp and your overall energy levels. Vitamin B12 is essential if you do not consume meats or products with milk.

Vitamin C: This antioxidant in IM-21 will improve your immune functions, so you can make a smoother recovery from working out and improve your skin overall, along with more health benefits.

Cordyceps: This is a powerhouse adaptogen in the form of a mushroom. The Chinese have utilized cordyceps in their medicinal products for hundreds of years. The IM-21 development team states that cordyceps regulate blood sugar. Your regular power and toughness levels will also benefit you by getting enhanced cellular energy.

GABA: GABA receptors are in your brain to regulate a better night’s sleep while getting you to feel more relaxed. Your muscles will enhance quicker, thanks to the GABA in IM-21.

Valerian: Valerian acts as another sleep support ingredient. It’s an herbal extract that relaxes your body and helps GABA to break down inside your brain for an overall faster and more quality recovery process as you sleep.

Melatonin: IM-21 has a 3mg per serving boost of Melatonin that will help you regulate your sleep patterns. This will help you get to sleep faster and remain in a deeper sleep so that your body can recover appropriately with plenty of rest.

L-Tryptophan: L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that will help you sleep each night, primarily in the IM-21 Build, to get you a restful sleep. Usually found in turkey meat, sleep support products include L-Tryptophan so you can sleep better and stay relaxed.


IM-21 Highlights

IM-21 has many special highlights that compete against other supplements in the marketplace.

IM-21’s highlights include:

  • A prescription is not required to take it. (HRT requires a prescription from a doctor).
  • Studies have not shown any side effects of using IM-21.
  • Triggers your body into an anabolic state. (Using just creatine or a protein powder cannot do this by themselves).
  • Science-based formulation to get your body to burn away fat.
  • Scientifically shown to get your muscles bulkier.
  • The food you eat will also be anabolic resources.
  • Get better sleep.
  • Receiving quality anabolic recovery.
  • It gives your cells the energy they need to operate.
  • More mental clarity and boosted energy levels.
  • A lifetime satisfaction guarantee that comes with your purchase.

IM-21 Science-Based Studies

The product line has not undergone clinical trials to determine whether they truly work. Despite this, IM-21 Burn and Build contain scientifically proven ingredients to provide you with the health benefits mentioned above.

Many scientific studies have been done on the ingredients present in these supplement powders. This is the scientific evidence of the said ingredients. For example, in just three months, HMB has increased lean body mass by over 250%. Each participant increased their lean body mass by 7.4 pounds within one 3-month study. While there are no effects in the long term when using HMB, the people in the study were able to increase their power and toughness as well as hypertrophy when undergoing resistance training and using HMB regularly.

Another scientific research endeavor displayed that the people involved were able to enhance their one-rep max by almost 20% in a little over a month. They were able to test their 1RM, MPU, and MSU after 1, 2, 3, and 4 weeks and at the 35-day mark. These measurements enhanced greatly after each check of their improvement at the designated checkmarks. One group received 3g of creatine, while the other got 5g of it each day.

Getting a great night’s sleep and having good energy reinforce your testosterone levels. Taking IM-21 can enhance your testosterone. One science study showed how the people involved could enhance testosterone by a quarter of normal levels. Scientists examined 165 individuals, including 54 men taking either a placebo or a Vitamin D dose for 365 days. The testosterone levels did not alter for the placebo, while those taking the Vitamin D saw better testosterone levels.

Valerian can enhance your quality of sleep by almost 20%. The study showed that people who took valerian could get better sleep than those taking a placebo.

IM-21 is responsible for increasing your endurance levels as well. One study showed that endurance was enhanced by almost 80%. If endurance training were added, the endurance would increase by 140%. Cordyceps Sinensis is a mushroom extract that is included in IM-21. Chinese medicine was the basis of scientific research. Rats received 200 mg doses of cordyceps for about two weeks and saw they could have more enhanced endurance than the rats that were given the placebo.

The ingredients in IM-21 can put your body into an anabolic state to help it properly recover from workouts while enhancing your muscles and improving your energy levels.

The IM-21 Ingredients Label

The IM-21 development team and their endorser, Mike Tyson, transparently show where their ingredients come from. Hence, you can compare and contrast with other products as you shop online.

These are the ingredients in each of the IM-21 products:

IM-21 Burn

Every packet measures 7.1g and has these ingredients included:

  • Calcium (100mg)
  • Vitamin B2 (1.3mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (65mg)
  • Vitamin B12 (40mcg)
  • Vitamin C (45mg)
  • Vitamin D (50mg)
  • Caffeine (75mg)
  • Creatine (1,500mg)
  • Fulvic acid (2mg)
  • Glycine (100mg)
  • Calcium HMB (500mg)
  • L-glutamine (100mg)
  • Phenylalanine (40mg)
  • Papain (protease which is 2,000mg)
  • Taurine (100mg)

Inactive ingredients include orange flavoring, sucralose, citric acid, and fructose. One packet equates to 12 calories with zero fat, no sodium, and only a few grams of carbs.

IM-21 Build

Every Build packet measures 6.2g filled with these ingredients:

  • Calcium (100mg)
  • Vitamin D3 (50mg)
  • Cordyceps (10mg)
  • Creatine (1,500mg)
  • Fulvic acid (2mg)
  • GABA (100mg)
  • Glycine (100mg)
  • Calcium HMB (500mg)
  • L-tryptophan (40mg)
  • Melatonin (3mg)
  • Papain (protease as 2,000 mg)
  • Valerian root extract (50mg)

Inactive ingredients such as sucralose, chocolate fudge flavoring, and fructose.

One packet equates to 12 calories, no fat, no sodium, no potassium, and a few grams of carbs.

Cost of IM-21

Each packet has a 30-day supply of the IM-21 Build and Burn supplements. A 30-day supply of IM-21 is $69.00 each. As you order more packets, you will save more money per unit. Plus, better results can be had by using IM-21 consistently and for more extended periods.

Each supply package’s pricing option are listed below:

  • A 30-day supply costs $69 with $6.95 shipping.
  • A 90-day supply costs $177 with free shipping in the United States.
  • A 180-day supply costs $234 with free shipping in the United States.

IM-21 Return Policy

You can return IM-21 at any time after purchase, thanks to a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

If for whatever reason, you do not like how IM-21 is affecting your body, you can call IM-21 at 866-GET-IM21 (866-438-4621), so you can be refunded for your original purchase amount. Even shipping will be included in your refund.

Pack up what you did not use from your shipment and send it back to the company to receive a refund. Regardless if you have used up all the powder or not, you can get your refund back.

IM-21 Company Description

Mike Tyson is the celebrity founder of IM-21, which puts out health powders to increase muscle mass.

IM-21 works to give you a range of muscle and fat-burning health perks. Credibility is high as the product comes from an FDA-registered manufacturing plant in America.

The number of active ingredients in the formula totals 21 which is named IM-21. This was also the same age that Mike Tyson was when he secured three heavyweight titles in 1987.

Here are the ways you can contact IM-21

  • Electronic Mail Address: support@im-21.com
  • Number: 866-GET-IM21 (866-438-4621)
  • Mailing Address: 274 W 700 S, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

The company originated thanks to the “Iron Philosophy,” which encourages you to get rid of what makes you weak, push your body to the limit, and enhance your power and toughness.

Final Thoughts on IM-21

IM-21 will put your body into an anabolic state that will help your body’s lean muscle mass while promoting better energy and enhanced recovery. Take IM-21 Burn in the AM and IM-21 Build in the evening before bed to get these health benefits.

You can return the product at any time with their lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If you do not like how it’s treating your body, you can ask for a refund at any time.

If you want to learn more about IM-21, go to www.IM-21.com.