Best Portable Air Conditioners (2021) Top Personal AC Units

Among the best solutions to keep you cool throughout summer are portable ACs. they are without a doubt the best option out there, for starters, they are portable, they are affordable, they have good battery life, and much more.

These are some of the many features that make portable ACs stand out from the rest. Portable ACs were designed to be used in bedrooms and living rooms. Given the number of technological advances that are taking place, these features just get better and better.

Portable AC is quite different from your standard AC. The main difference being that portable ACs can be moved in and around the house and need not be installed or set-up. Moreover, Even small, portable ACs give a good output, as much as your regular ACs.

Let’s take a look at the best portable ACs for you to buy in 2021:

Best Portable AC Rankings

We have researched and tested out several portable ACs out there and here are the best portable ACs you can buy this year:

Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC Air Conditioning Cooler


You may have heard of Arctic Air Pure Chill AC before, they are among the popular brands of portable ACs. This portable AC also uses the technology of “water cooling” to help maintain chilly temperatures throughout summer. Just like the Pure Chill Arctic Air portable AC official website says, all of these features are now in one mini personal air cooling unit: It Helps Cool And Humidify For Maximum Comfort, has Hydro-Chill Technology™ and Cools Down Hot Dry Air. It Humidifies As It Cools, Quick and Easy Top Fill Helps Prevent Spills, Can run up to 10 Hours Per Fill, LED Night Light Control, Multi-Directional Air Vent, Quiet Operation, Lightweight & Portable.

In order to get the arctic-type cooling, you have to fill the tank with both ice and water. When you do so, it’ll keep you cool for the longest time possible. It also removes dry air and makes the atmosphere much more cool and fresh rather than dry and humid.

COST – $49.95



The CoolX is a portable AC that can be used at home or even in the comfort of your car. In simpler terms, it can be used anywhere. This portable AC has a 7-colour LED light to which you have the option to adjust as per your requirement.

You can use CoolX to bring your room temperature comfortable for you. It will keep your room cool throughout the day and night. Apart from being a portable AC, CoolX also functions as a humidifier and an air purifier. It can also keep the atmosphere cool by adding moisture to the air.

COST – $90

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC


The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is one of the most durable and affordable portable ACs out there in the market. It has everything a portable ACs requires, making it one of the best in the game.

The design it comes in is very easy-to-use and it also has the power to warm your room and not just cool. Furthermore, it also acts as a humidifier. Moreover, this portable AC can be re-charged, which means that it need not be connected to the power point when being used. Also, it doesn’t use much power, it is rather eco-friendly when it comes to power usage.

For a product in this price range,it definitely contains some of the most amazing features. This is no doubt, among the best choices for a portable AC, if you’re looking for one.

COST – $90

Ice Box Air Cooler


The Ice Box Air Cooler is among the most innovative air coolers out there. It absorbs air (both hot and cool) from one side and emits cool/chill air from the other. You can use this unique portable AC anywhere you want.

It includes several new features that other portable AC doesn’t have. For one, it includes a LCD screen on which the temperature is displayed making it easier to set the temperature. It also includes a “Sleep Mode” to help you sleep comfortably during the night. With 5 speed levels for temperature control and 7 light control, this portable AC has more personalization options for you.

COST – $100



This is probably the one AC on this list that refers to itself as a “nano air conditioner”. It implies that the ChillBox Portable AC can cool temperatures even while being one of the smallest.

The best part about ChillBox AC is that it acts as an air filter too, it provides you with cool and fresh air by taking out a number of pollutants and contaminants from the air. This portable AC doesn’t weigh any more than 1.5 ounces but doesn’t lack in power and performance.

This is why this AC is one of the best out there.

COST – $90

Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier


The best of two worlds, is one way to describe this portable AC. It is also a Humidifier, apart from being an air cooler. In fact, it is one of the best AC and humidifiers on this list. In addition to this, they have the most unique looking portable AC.

Just like the other ACs on this list, Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier also acts as an air purifier and a humidifier. And unlike the above ACs to make use of this AC, all you have to do is pour water in the water tank provided and then just sit back and enjoy the cool breeze. It also has built-in lights to help your place look more ambient. And believe us when we say it is cheap, because it is.

COST – $15

Glacier Air Cooler


This is one of the best rechargeable portable ACs you can buy. You can use it anywhere, even when you go camping because it has an in-built lamp which emits a good amount of light.

The Glacier Air Cooler is extremely small yet powerful at the same time, it can give you arctic-level of cooling and all you have to do is add ice in the place provided.

COST – $94

T10 Cooler


The T10 Cooler is one such air conditioner that you can use when you’re on the go. You can use it outside and inside. The way this portable AC works is pretty similar to the other portable ACs on this list.

It uses the Hydro-Chill tech to help keep low temperatures. It uses cold water to help cool the air and also provides moisture to the air. Furthermore, the T10 Cooler is noiseless, it does not produce any sound while running.

Apart from that there are 3-speed settings you can choose from and it also has the option of 7-LED lights for you to choose from. You fill water in this cooler once, and it can keep your room cool for the next 6 to 8 hours.

COST – $100

UV Cooler


The UV Cooler is also regarded as one of the top-tier portable ACs available in the market. It has the capability to keep your room, or office cool for a long time, while also acting as an air purifier. It removes all the pollutants and contaminants from the air.

Unlike other coolers, this cooler uses both a usb cable and a water tank to help you keep your room cool for a long time. But the unique part about this cooler is yet to come, it uses UV light in the water tank to purify the water before using it to cool your room.

This is one of the best and safest portable AC options on our list.

COST – $100

CoolFeel Max


This is really one of the most unique portable ACs, the CoolFeel Max is only sold by PopularHiTech. This product also comes with a 30 day warranty, which means that if the product is not as advertised then the customers can return it within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund back.

But remember, this is the only portable AC on this list that can be put around your neck to provide you a personal cooling experience. The design is the most unique which is why it is growing in popularity.

CoolFeel Max blasts cool air onto your face wherever you go, you can even use it while working-out as it makes for a great exercise partner. For such a small product, the output is incredibly high.

COST – $60.

How Were The Portable ACs Ranked?

When it comes to ranking portable ACs, there are quite a few parameters that are taken into account. While every other portable ACs claims to offer the best cooling experience, only a handful live up to those claims.

We have made sure to check almost every portable AC possible to give the best options at hand, here are the parameters used to help us find the best portable AC options for you:

Effectiveness Of Humidification

As you may have read, a lot of portable ACs on our list also claim to be humidifiers. Which means that they not only help in keeping the air cool, but they also make the atmosphere much more comfortable by adding moisture to air.

Effectiveness Of Cooling

This is without doubt the biggest parameter we were looking at. Without effective cooling there is no doubt that a portable AC is not worth it. But every AC on this list is worth the money spent on them.

All of them provide effective cool and also offer several other features.

Ease Of Use

Most portable ACs do not cause any sort of hindrance as they are pretty easy to use. All you have to do is either fill the tank with water or plug in the usb cable as you do with other appliances. It’s that simple.

Design and Style

Although this is an element which is not that important, it still makes a difference. Quite a few of the portable ACs on our list have the most unique designs. It adds to the look and aesthetics of the room rather than making the room look plain.

Return/Refund Policy

This is among the most important aspects we looked into. If a customer does not like the product he/she must be able to return the product and should be able to get a full refund. And we are glad to tell you that all the portable ACs mentioned on our list have a guaranteed return policy in place.

Extra Features and Functionality

Although the main objective of an AC is to cool the air, all the portable ACs mentioned on our list have additional features in place to make your life more comfortable. Features such as air purifier, humidifier, LED lights, and much more.

Water Tanks And Devices

Quite a lot of the portable ACs on our list have water tanks and ice trays in place to help you cool the air as much as possible and also provide arctic-like temperatures. These devices absorb the dry and add moisture to the atmosphere making it much more cooled and comfortable.

Speed-Customization Options

Just because the portable AC can provide arctic-like temperatures doesn’t mean you need such cold temperatures all the time, which is why, all the portable ACs on our list have speed options. You can choose the level/speed you want and adjust the temperature as per your requirements.

Customer’s Feedback

Even though we evaluated every AC on the list, we also took customer feedback into account. All the portable ACs on this list have good customer reviews.

Value For Money

This comes as no surprise, all the ACs on this list are worth every buck. Moreover, the features that you get for the prices are unbelievable. You have an option of buying an ACs for $15 or even $100. Our list has a good option for everybody.


The portable ACs mentioned in our list have every detail mentioned about the product you are buying and it also comes with user manuals to help you have a smooth experience with the product.

Where Can You Use Portable ACs?

To be honest, you can use a portable AC almost anywhere. You can use it in your office, bedroom, living room, kitchens, and other spaces. You can also use the portable ACs outside when you go camping, apart from cooling the temperature in your tents most of the portable ACs also provide lighting.

To give you a list of places, here is all where you can use them:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Camping tents
  • Small houses
  • Apartments
  • Hostel rooms
  • And much more

Quite a lot of the ACs on our list don’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet when being used, they are rechargeable and have very good battery life.

Top 11 Benefits Of Portable ACs

As mentioned earlier, the best portable ACs come packed with features. Let’s take a look at them:

Adjust Temperature

This is one of the main advantages of a portable AC, you can adjust the temperature to your requirements. Even if you can’t set it to the exact specific degree, you can choose between the speeds of 3 to 5 to cool the air.

Cost Effective

All the portable ACs on this list are cost-effective. Apart from being cheap and affordable, they also help you save money as they have good battery life and require less power usage. They consume as much power as your mobile phone would.

Air Purification

Almost all the portable ACs on this list come with an air purifier. An air purifier helps in making the air more clean. It removes contaminants and pollutants from the air making it much more fresh and breathable.

Add Humidity Rather Than Eliminating It

Portable ACs work by adding moisture to the air, which means it adds a little more humidity to help you enjoy a cooler atmosphere for a longer period of time. It removes the dryness from the air.

Anyone Can Use It

Portable ACs can be used by anyone and anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t tech savvy. All the ACs on this list are easy to use and they come with instruction manuals to help guide you through the process of using it.

No Installation/Set-Up Needed

As you may have guessed, portable ACs do not need any kind of installation. All you have to do is charge the AC and turn it on, it’s that easy. After that you can take it anywhere you like.

Easy To Transport

This comes as no surprise, portability is one of the main aspects of a portable AC. You have the option of moving portable ACs wherever you want and whenever you want. It does not need to be set-up permanently anywhere. It can be used inside and outside your house.

No Power Outlet Required

You do not have to plug the AC in when you want to use it. All the ACs on our list are chargeable, and they offer an excellent battery life. Even without being plugged into a power outlet, portable ACs give you a blast of cool air throughout the day.


Portable ACs do not make any noise when being used as compared to the standard ACs. it is completely noiseless making its presence much more subtle. Apart from that some of the portable ACs on this also offer you sound options and fan speed level options as well. Even when you use it at night, you can sleep without being disturbed by the sound.


All the portable ACs mentioned on our list are cheap and affordable. They are all under $100 and a couple of them are also priced at $15. These prices are very cheap when compared to standard ACs which cost a minimum of $5000.

But even while being cheap the manufacturers do not compromise on quality and efficiency.


The effectiveness of portable ACs is questioned by a few people, and for good reason. But the truth is that portable ACs are extremely effective and efficient at their job. They manage to keep the air cool and also the atmosphere cool for a long period of time without consuming as much energy as standard AC would.

Apart from that some portable ACs also have a UV light option in the water tank, this is to help clean the water and ice before using it.

How Do These Portable ACs Work?

Portable ACs function in a variety of ways. To achieve lower temperatures, portable ACs mentioned here utilize simple technologies such as blowing air via a curtain of water to generate cold vapour. They are made to fit into smaller places.

Other models of portable ACs are much more sophisticated. They have the ability to distribute colder temperatures over a broader area. A few, for instance, contain 12,000 BTUs and then use a line to absorb air from outside. Some are designed with a single line, whereas others are designed with two hoses.

Whenever you happen to purchase an advanced cooler, you get an AC with a refrigerant (to help cool the air and atmosphere), one compressor (for compressing the refrigerant), and a fan as well (to help blow the air in your direction).

It works pretty much the same way a standard ACs works, takes air from outside, cools it, and blows it in your direction.

More sophisticated ACs are ideal for bigger houses, but here’s the thing, they use a lot of power which can increase your electricity bills and they also take away the moisture from the air making it more dry.

The portable ACs mentioned above work in a different manner. They add moisture to the air and make the atmosphere much cooler.

In brief, here is how a portable AC works:

It absorbs dry air from the outside

As the air enters, it passes via a curtain of water which is linked to a hydration tunnel (in most ACs it’s an ice tray). The process of passing through the ice removes the heat from the air.

As the water starts to become cool and as the heat starts to evaporate from the air, the temperature starts to become much cooler.

When the air is cold enough that fan starts to blow the cool air in the direction you want.


What is referred to as SEER?

The portable ACs on our list have a SEER rating, this is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The better the SEER number is, the better your portable AC is.

Can I use it anywhere?

Yes, you can use it anywhere. Make sure it is charged completely and you can even take it outside if you like.

How long do they last?

Most portable ACs last for an upward of 5 years. If used and maintained properly their shelf-life can be expanded exponentially.

What size portable AC should I buy?

If you go for a 7,500 BTU it will cover an area of 200 sq ft, whereas a 10,000 BTU covers an area of 300 sq ft. if you want it to cover a larger area, then you can also buy an AC with 15,000 BTU, it covers an area of 500 sq ft.

Final Word

The technology that runs a portable AC is improving on a regular basis. Nowadays, you can buy a portable AC with the best output even for a low price of $15 or you can even get one worth $100 and it will provide you with more benefits than standard ACs which cost a minimum of $5000.

All the portable ACs mentioned above have the best value for price and come with an array of features that make them stand out from the rest in the crowd. Check out the best portable AC’s to help you stay cool in this warm weather.

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