Best Bug Zappers – Where to Buy Top Mosquito Killing Lights

Insects, flies, and bug infestations in homes can be really pesky and hard to get rid of. If you are not careful the situation may exacerbate and these insects will be in charge of your home. For some people who are Entomophobia, the situation can become dire, as they begin to watch for insects. Getting rid of this problem might not be as hard or expensive as many perceive, bug zappers proffer genius solutions to the problem by helping you annihilate bugs, mosquitos, insects, and other critters.

Bug zappers are devices that lure and attract bugs and other insects with ultraviolet light and electrocute them between metal grids. These devices are very effective at killing bugs and other insects and they are indiscriminate in the killing.

People around the world use bug zappers in different ways and at different places with respect to their priorities and conditions. Some people favor installing bug zappers outside, in the backyard, veranda, or courtyard, while others use them within the house to track down bugs that have already found their way in. Campers also use these, and you can also carry them while walking around. Whichever way, this device is very useful in making your environment safe from bug and insect attacks and disturbances.

While the summer season is here, we can expect more bugs and insects in our homes and surroundings. Even if you keep all windows and doors locked, these small creatures still find their way in.

There are many bug zappers on the internet however, as you prepare to keep your home safe from insects and bugs during this time, you need to get a bug zapper that is effective and worth your money.

Best Bug Zappers

Per our research conducted over time, product’s pros and cons, we offer you our rankings of the best bug zappers you can purchase in 2021.

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Black + Decker Bug Zapper

Top on the list of most brand names in the market, Black + Decker’s Bug Zapper is an incredible bug killer that keeps your home and yard safe from insects and bugs. This product is incredible because of the flexibility it offers in being able to work on the floor, table, and trees, or other places you may desire. Like other bug zappers listed in this article, Black + Decker deploys ultraviolet light to lure bugs and insects to UV light and eliminates them.

With a highly effective performance in annihilating insects in indoor and outdoor spaces, this device is non-toxic, durable, and suitable for use.

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Buzz B Gone

One of the most dependable bug zappers with huge popularity and dependability is Buzz B Gone. Buzz B Gone is a small, durable, and effective device with excellent reviews from users. This device attracts insects and mosquitos with purple, ultraviolet light displaced as a food source to attract and zap insects by electrocution. Buzz B Gone consumes a small amount of energy and a long-lasting rechargeable battery, making it work effectively for a longer period. The device has rotating fans, and a collection chamber where it stores all zapped insects, this makes it easy to clean the device. For so many reasons including its price, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, makes this device among the best bug zappers in the market today.

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Flowtron BK-40D

FlowTron BK-40D is a big bug zapper unlike others mentioned above. Its height is 17 inches, and it is about 5lbs heavy. The size and height make it incredible and suitable for yard and other outdoor purposes. It has over 13,000 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.5 and it sits as one of the best-selling bug zappers.

This bug zapper comes with a different attachment you can purchase along with it to make it suit your purpose perfectly. These attachments include a mosquito attractant cartridge, an additional bulb, a timer, and other things which make it last longer and most suitable for different purposes.

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Hemiua Bug Zapper

Often regarded as a low priced-Flowtron BK-40D, Heminua Bug Zapper is similar to Flowtron BK-40D but lesser in price. Heminua Bug Zapper is also very tall (about 12 inches). It embodies a 4,200V electric grid that is protected by ABS housing to guard against human and animal accidental contact.

According to the manufacturer, Heminua Bug Zapper has a very wide coverage of about 1,500 square feet that makes it eliminate insects and bugs from far and wide. Heminua Bug Zapper’s size and coverage make it such an ideal option for homes, yards, compounds, and other outdoor places. For its price and what it offers, this device is regarded as best-value buys on many lists of bug zappers. It also has 19,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.6-star rating.

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Dynatrap DT1050

This is yet another big and very powerful bug zapper with wide coverage. Dynatrap DT1050 covers half an acre of space, placing it as the highest-powered bug zapper on this list. It is also the most durable as it is made from a structural steel alloy that makes it very strong. Dynatrap DT1050 is big enough to contain as many bugs and insects as you may want to trap. Also, the strength of the material makes it formidable and resilient against the wind in the outdoor space.

Dynatrap DT1050 has a soundless fan that traps insects inside a chamber that is easy to clean. If you need to remove the trapped insect and clean the device, turn the trap off, and you can do a no-touch cleaning. However, Dynatrap DT1050’s weakness is that it is not powered by a battery, but has to be plugged into a standard power outlet.

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Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper

Anysun is aptly designed for the summer. It is powered by solar energy and rechargeable, allowing you to leave it in the backyard or other outdoor spaces for as long as possible without needing to charge it. It is the first and best solar-powered bug zapper on this list. It is lantern-shaped, and it lasts long killing bugs within its reach. Anysun has a coverage of 538 square, it weighs 2lbs, and it has a waterproof rating of IPX65.

The size and weight of this device make it very portable and easy to carry about without any hindrance. Anysun has three pre-set lighting modes that let you adjust the brightness of the light. Anysun is one of the best companions for campers, especially during the summer.

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The Fuze Bug

Here comes a uniquely designed bug zapper that has a coverage of about 375 square feet, and up to 20 hours of working capacity on a single charge. The Fuze Bug is a bug zapping system like other, attracting insects with a purple LED light. It is suitable for backyard hanging, veranda, courtyard, and within the home. It is a highly functional and efficient bug zapper that helps protect your home and space from insects. It is also suitable for camping and other outdoor purposes.

The Fuze Bug easily attracts insects to itself once turned on with the switch that activates the device. It is easy to clean, and it comes with a double-layered electric grid that prevents kids and pets from accidental contact.

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Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer

Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer has one of the most popular and oldest insect killer designs. It is very effective and quick in killing insects, however, its design is not aesthetically pleasing. Despite its power and effectiveness, it is affordable. It comes with two extra bulbs that let you replace the bulb when damaged. It is very durable and long-lasting. Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer contains no chemical that is dangerous to the home or ozone layer. This device is most suitable for home but can be used outside where there is access to a power supply.

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The Moskinator

The Moskinator is a very beautiful bug killer with incredible shape and a unique approach to killing insects. It is specifically designed for killing mosquitoes. Contrary to other bug zappers on this list, Moskinator does not only use light to attract and kill insects, it uses two approaches. Moskinator has a fan that it uses to absorb insects after attracting them with light. The device first attracts insects and bugs to itself with the light, and eventually sucks them in with the breeze of the fan and traps them in a chamber where they cannot escape. Trapped insects continue to fly within the chamber until they lose power and die.

The device is chemical-free, and it is suitable for both small spaces and large spaces, indoor and outdoor. If you want to prevent mosquitos and other insects from feasting on you, get Moskinator. Do not underrate the capacity of the device due to its size, it is very effective.

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Mosquitron is very similar to Mosquinator in its approach. It is designed specifically to kill mosquitos and it also depends on a fan and a light. However, it uses intelligent control, the first of its kind on this list. It is very durable and portable. Its small size makes it easy to carry about and use anywhere. It does not take much space in your bag if you want to travel with it. It is USB-powered and very effective in operation. If you order multiple units of this product, you will get a very attractive discount.

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Yet another device dedicated to trapping and killing mosquitos. However, it is also very effective on other flying insects like drain flies, fruit flies, gnats, and others. MosQuiller removes insects within its coverage by attracting them with a bright and deceptive light. It also traps the attracted insect, kills and dries them. It is very effective and quiet like other bug zappers on the list, making the surrounding environment conducive for people to use.

Just like some lightweight and small bug zappers on this list, MosQuiller is very handy and easy to carry around, this makes it an ideal choice for camping use. It is also very suitable for homes, gardens, courtyards, and other outdoor purposes. For those who would want to install multiple bug zappers in the home or have multiple zappers for different purposes, MosQuiller is an excellent option; it offers about a 30% discount when purchasing multiple.

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1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern

1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern is one of the smallest and cheapest bug zappers on this list. It performs a dual function by lightening up space and attracting mosquitos with a 180-lumen LED light. Albeit its small size, it is very durable, and useful in small and large spaces. It is embodied with a shockproof 2,000mAh battery and 20 hours battery life in a single charging.

Rather than a fake blue or purple light as seen in cheaper brands, 1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern uses real ultraviolet light to attract insects.

Its small size makes it suitable to carry around, hence a perfect option for camping and travel.

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MoskiX Band

This is an incredible bug repellant that stays and protects the user from mosquitos as long as it is in use. The MoskiX Band is the most unique mosquito zapper on this list. It comes in a wristwatch-like form, repelling mosquitos away from the personal space of the users. It looks like a smartwatch. It is a supreme choice for personal use. The mobility of MoskiX Band is like no other on this list. It stays with the users anywhere as long as it is worn. It is good for all places e.g., indoor or outdoor, garden or room, the campsite, and inside the car. MoskiX Band helps you repel mosquitos anywhere you go.

Do not misjudge the quality and effectiveness of the MoskiX Band because of its size. This device is very potent in repelling mosquitos and other flies, and it is very durable. Rather than zapping bugs, it uniquely repels them away from your surroundings. It relies on the power of smart technology and wireless frequencies, but is not toxic to the body. There are also cases where people buy MoskiX Band to support other bug zappers on this list to make sure they are optimally safe from insects, bugs, and mosquitos. It is one of the most expensive on this list.

Conditions for Ranking the Best Bug Zappers

All bug zappers and repeller products in the market are full of promises, but not all are a real version of what they claim to be. It is important to note that bug zappers in the market are of different quality. There have been reports of bad experiences, as some of these products fail to work after a few weeks of purchase. Some are not durable and some have a very small coverage capacity. In order to guide our readers in choosing bug zapper, we tested these products and verified their performance at indoor and outdoor, before coming up with this ranking and list. Our list and ranking were done based on the following criteria.

Bug Attraction Capacity

Some bug zappers are less effective in attracting bugs due to the nature of the light used. For example, some brands use cheap blue or purple LEDs. This served as a major criteria for our selection and ranking.

Size of Coverage Radius

The coverage area of bug zappers is very important. Zappers with a low coverage radius will be less effective in large places especially in the backyard or garden. With a higher coverage radius, users can be sure of better protection against mosquitos and other insects.

Power Source or Battery Life

Longer battery life lets users enjoy bug zappers at the level they desire. Bug zappers with few hours of battery life are less suitable for outdoor or camping purposes. Zappers’ battery life should last around 10 – 20 hours on a single charge. The power source of zappers is also important for ranking the device.

Ease of Cleaning

As often as it needs to be cleaned, it has to be easy to empty off the bugs in the device. It will be ridiculous to spend hours trying to clean the device. The ease of cleaning is an important criterion that lets users enjoy maximum utility from the product.


The safety of every device is very important. Devices that are less safe for human use come with a low ranking. Considering that most bug zappers electrocute insects, humans and pets must be safe from this electrocution.


The material used in making a bug zapper really determines its durability and longevity. Some zappers are made from steel, and others are manufactured with plastic. The durability of the steel or plastic material was an important criterion for our ranking. We prefer brands that used durable parts to produce their zapper, this helps the device to last long.


This also relates to how safe a bug zapper is for human use. The light found in some zappers can be very dangerous to the extent of making one go blind at night. Hence, this is also an important safety factor we considered in our ranking.

The value offered per unit price

The price of bug zappers varies largely in the market. But the value each offers per its price is very important. Some bug zappers are cheap but very potent and efficient while some are just expensive with nothing really important to offer.

Who should use Bug Zappers?

As long as you need to get rid of bugs and insects disturbing or annoying you, a bug zapper is a necessity for you. People use bug zapper at different places. Some people use it indoors, while others rely on it for safety against insects and bugs when they are outside.

Here are some of the people who use bug zapper often:

  • People who want to spend time in their courtyard or backyard without bug disturbance
  • People troubled by bugs in the house
  • People who are battered by the challenges of mosquitos
  • Campers and hikers
  • People who live close to the lake, bushy, swampy areas, and more
  • People who want to stay away from toxic chemicals used to kill insects

With this innovation, people can now enjoy a bug, insect, and mosquito safe place without facing the trouble of toxic chemicals. Based on this list, you can get a good bug zapper for as low as $40.

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How Do Bug Zappers Works?

As said earlier, most bug zappers use UV, purple or blue light to appeal to insects, and electrocute them with an electric coil. Some also use a fan to suck the insects.

Naturally, bugs and most insects see light as a source of food, hence they are deceived by the spectrum of light displayed by the zapper. They rush towards the light and they get electrocuted or sucked by a fan-based system.

You can also bait bugs by adding octenol to the bug zapper; this increases the chances of the device attracting mosquitos and insects. This is because octenol smells like human sweat.

Another hassle-free approach used by some bug zappers is the power of wind or fan. The breeze created by the fans sucks and draws the bugs inside a container that will trap the bug till they die.

Generally, it has been observed that the electric coils approach is more efficient in killing bugs.

Research Evidence Supporting Bug Zappers

There have been various research works dedicated toward finding an appropriate way of killing mosquitoes due to the deadly nature of the insect around the world. Some research works focused on attracting and killing mosquitoes with light. According to to research work in 2017, pulsated light-emitting diodes (LEDs) work more efficiently to attract mosquitos than the standard LEDs.

Another research in 2019 postulated that ultraviolet insect light effectively controls and traps mosquitos better.

Another worrying question that may arise is the safety of UV for human exposure, and this has been clarified in a 2016 study. The study posited that after exposing humans and animals to a significant amount of UV for a long period, it was established that UV has no negative effect on human health.

Bug Zapper FAQ’s

Q: What are bug zappers?

A: Bug Zappers are devices that trap or electrocute insects to get rid of them from space.

Q: How do they work?

A: Almost all bug zappers use light (UV, blue or purple light). This light is used to attract bugs or mosquitos to the device. Bugs and mosquitos see the light as a food source, hence they are attracted towards the device.

Furthermore, the zappers use either an electric coil to electrocute the attracted bugs or a fan-based system to trap the bugs.

Q: Is UV Dangerous?

A: Many people today stay away from bug zapper because of the UV light, believing that it is not safe for human exposure. However, many research works have clarified the safety of UV on the human body.

Q: How to clean a bug zapper?

A: The bug zappers in this list are very easy to clean. Some of them have a chamber where the trapped bugs fall, hence no need of cleaning the zapper. Other bug zappers contain a brush that is used to remove the dead bugs.

Q: Are bug zappers better than spray or repellent?

A: The idea of using spray or repellant can sometimes have side effects on human health, hence, people stay away from repellants. Bug zappers, on the contrary, have no negative effect on human health.

Q: Are bug zappers expensive to buy and manage?

A: This is often what scares some people away from using bug zapper. You can get an effective bug zapper for as low as $40. Also, bug zappers do not require any management cost.

Q: Can bug zapper work for my house?

A: Depending on the bug zapper you buy, they have different coverage. Hence, it is important to check the specification before buying so that you know the one that suits you better. Some bug zapper can cover as much as a half-acre of land, and there are some which can only cover around 1,500 square feet.

Q: How to know the best bug zapper to buy?

A: This question can be a major problem for people. This is the reason why we have come up with this list and ranking of bug zappers.

Q: Will a bug zapper bother or affect my pets?

A: As said earlier, bug zapper safety was considered before listing these brands. Most bug zappers are safe for children and pets, with protections that prevent them from getting electrocuted accidentally.

Best Bug Zappers Final verdict

The deadly diseases caused by mosquitos and the death rate linked to these diseases are really scary even though not new. Hence, it is important to prevent ourselves from mosquito bites especially in the summer when we have more insects and mosquitos.

With any of the bug zappers we’ve listed above, you can transform your home, backyard, and other outdoor spaces around you into a safe and habitable place for sitting, sleeping, and relaxing, without using any toxic chemical that may be detrimental to your health.

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