Abundance Goddess Reviews (Elina) Manifest Money Easily or Fake Guide?

The world’s population is filled with people who have goals, ambitions, and dreams. More often, these goals are related to building wealth and gaining financial freedom.

Building a comfortable life for ourselves and our families is almost always the bottom line of our daily activities- going to school, bagging degrees, getting that dream job, traveling out of the country, attending meetings, working late nights, and so on.

Sometimes when things don’t go as planned and our efforts don’t bring as many results as expected or even any results, it could rob us of happiness and make us feel like failures. Some go into depression and experience extreme mood swings. Others go through addiction and find themselves fighting to pull through.

During these hard times, having a positive outlook, being self-aware, and developing a habit of being thankful can help relieve you of worries and keep you in the right mindset to keep chasing your goals, and this is important because the more your mind stays in the positive state, the better your chances of succeeding.

By learning how to harmonize your brain’s conscious and subconscious states, your life might unfold fortunes and tranquility.

However, maintaining a positive mindset is more challenging than described. It takes a certain level of intentionality, willingness, and commitment to achieve hence the requirement for guidance and support.

Elina wrote the manifestation eBook titled The Abundance Goddess. Elina is a licensed spiritual counselor and practitioner. Her ebook serves as a step-by-step manual that enables one to understand their authenticity, grasp their full potential, and harness their true power.

According to Elina, a transformational way of living is to have the appropriate intentions and a clear mind. The book also offers advice on appreciating life rather than only seeking riches and wealth.

The Abundance Goddess

The Abundance Goddess teaches that you must have the appropriate mentality and self-awareness to succeed.

In the creator’s opinion, the digital guide enables you to unconsciously discover ideas and possibilities that one has ignored in life. Additionally, the ebook enables readers to assess their mindset of scarcity and begin a mindful habit of appreciating life and good things.

The book also teaches readers how to synchronize their conscious and subconscious brains to see what they need, set their intentions, and unleash their power of manifestation.

Elina, in her book, asserts that every woman possesses a kind of goddess energy. The lessons therein provide a solid and dynamic foundation for one’s professional and personal life. The author claims that the book summarizes her spiritual wisdom and provides crucial techniques for every woman to achieve success, develop into their best self, and stay out of debt.


The book is a special publication that allows readers to advance in the following areas:

Creating an abundance mindset

Abundance Goddess offers readers a clear route that combines their subconscious and conscious brains and helps them dispel the gloom.

Enhances Spiritual Growth

Ever heard the saying things manifest in the spiritual before the physical?

The ebook recognizes this and shows readers how they can reach their potential and comprehend life’s many facets, including the laws of success, spiritual development, and other topics.

Finding Dharma (The purpose in a spiritual sense) allows readers to take the right steps toward achieving success.

Initiates Transformation

The Abundance Goddess teaches that success begins with you. The key to success is your mindset which is why the ebook helps readers change their mindset and focus on spiritual, mental, and physical growth.

High readability and accessibility

In contrast to previous books, the ebook is simple to read and access anytime, on your phone or the go; you can access it from any location with good internet access.

Provides you with a positive outlook on life

The goal is to help readers eliminate negative ideas and rediscover gratitude for themselves and their loved ones while learning to love themselves again.

Helps you manage your emotions

Women have a lot of emotions, and they tend to be more emotional than men. The Abundance Goddess helps women awaken their feminine Goddess. It also explains self-reinforcing patterns that allow those emotions to appear in reality.


The nine chapters of the eBook are broken out as follows:

Chapter One

In this chapter, the author discusses how adopting an abundance mindset stops your mind from thinking about lack and scarcity. Rather, it helps readers reach their objectives.

Additionally, you can learn how to break poor behaviors and harmful habits and then embrace money-making techniques. The chapter also includes a list of eleven outstanding steps that you can take to regain progress and confidence.

Chapter Two

The helpful self-help techniques in this chapter will encourage readers to develop confidence and a positive outlook. It informs readers of the connection between mindset and wealth. The chapter offers five tried-and-true methods to improve cash flow while helping you make financial expertise and vision more grounded in reality.

Chapter Three

The third chapter explains how you can stop thinking about money blockages so you won’t push the blame on people, yourself, or your circumstances. Also, the chapter demonstrates how you can change your thinking to successfully manage your finances.

Chapter Four

The eBook teaches you how to develop a good financial perspective despite prior financial missteps. The chapter explains how you can create fresh financial strategies and resolve problems for future abundance. The author also disproves the myth that women don’t create personal and professional goals.

Chapter Five

Here, you find how to distinguish between scientific facts by delving into the foundations of quantum physics and its implications.

The chapter explores feminine energy and shows how a woman might become a Goddess of her gender. You may see the astrological portrayal of emotions from the interpretation of opportunities to the moon phases.

Chapter Six

The relevance of vibration in life is discussed in the sixth chapter of this ebook. The lessons here help you comprehend the principles of energy physics and how it functions. The chapter introduces readers to the vibrational secret of matching their needs with the energy of chakras. According to Elina, universal principles help eliminate bad beliefs, transform your thinking, and achieve your goals.

Chapter Seven

Chapter seven educates women on how to apply the law of attraction to their bodies, minds, and souls.

It promotes optimistic views about achieving goals and provides information on the universal law of attraction. Furthermore, you can learn to alter your subconscious brain and way of life by implementing the seven spiritual rules of success.

Chapter Eight

Here, the author gives readers a closer look at the universal laws of success. The chapter lists eight laws of success that women should follow to discover their true calling and prosper. Sanskrit poetry is also included in this chapter and the Mahabharata.

The Mahabharata is a story of love, creativity, conflict, and responsibility that offers mind-reviving epic lessons. The chapter also examines many chakras as well as spiritual and philosophical ideas.

Chapter Nine

The final chapter instructs readers on how to take care of themselves and advance selfishly. It also demonstrates how you can acquire wealth and do good deeds.

Refund policy

All customers are eligible for a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Suppose you are unsatisfied with the ebook within 60 days of its purchase. You can get in touch by phone or email to start the refund process.


Numerous challenges in life impede success and lead people to feel like failures and set themselves back.

The Abundance Goddess summarizes that three important factors promote confidence and achievement. They include;

  • Self-love
  • Self-actualization
  • Self-gratitude

The digital guide also provides many ideas to help readers discover their worth by altering their thought processes.

The author, Elina, advises women to read the book and experience a significant transformation.

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