Written word to spoken word – “The Guilt We Carry”

  • Fri Feb 21st, 2020 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by the Orcas Island Library.

Orcas Island Library presents “The Guilt We Carry” with author Samuel Gailey and audiobook narrator Jake Perrine at 6 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 27 in the Graves Reading Area.

During this “Written Word to Spoken Word” event, there will be a discussion with Gailey and Perrine about their collaboration on “The Guilt We Carry.”

Join Gailey and Perrine as they discuss the journey of turning a best-selling book into a best-selling audiobook. They will cover the creative process, including how they collaborated; the various voices of each character; jumping back and forth in the story’s timeline throughout the novel, and how this affects certain characters’ voices.