The power of Python | Photos

Monty Python’s “Spamalot” on the Orcas Center main stage is joyfully hilarious from start to finish.

The cast’s delivery of the play’s trademark clever, fast-paced dialogue illustrates how many hours they put into rehearsing. Frank Michels flourishes as King Arthur, a role he was clearly born to play. Holly King is the illustrious Lady of the Lake, showing off her stage presence.

“Spamalot” is rounded out by a huge cast of islanders who sing, tap dance and sword fight their way across the stage. The best part about the production is that every member of the cast has a chance to shine.

Doug Bechtel has staged a professional show that will make you belly laugh. Rounding out the crew is musical director Jim Schaffer-Bauck; choreographer Suzy Fraser; costume designer Kathy Walsh; stage manager Lynda Sanders; producer Deborah Sparks; set construction by Dan Walker, Doug Bechtel, Fred Vinson, Dave Roseberry, Greg Books, Frank Michels, David Dinsmore, Vince Monaco, Paula Capitano and Thelma McTavis; lighting design by Lisa Steckley, Phil Burbo; sound by Jeff Horton and many more.

Remaining dates are March 17-18 and 23-25 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at

Cast list

Frank Michels; Holly King; Chris Dalla Santa; Aaimee Johnson; Indy Zoeller; Joe Andrews; Jared Larson; Melinda Milligan; Suzanne Gropper; Michele Griskey; Anne Marie Schultz; Liz Doane; Margo Van Gelder; Audrey Neddermann; Evan Erskine; Bella Schermerhorn; Tom Fiscus; Carl Berger; Paul Carrick; Tony Lee; Mandi Johnson; Lisa Spesard; Brita Brahce; Maura O’Neill.

Colleen Smith Armstrong photos