Teapot show at Orcas Senior Center throughout March

Emily Reid has been collecting teapots since she was six years old, when she started drinking tea at her family’s ranch in Adam’s County, Wash. She still drinks black tea without sugar or cream.

Reid will share her collection of teapots at Orcas Senior Center from March 8 to March 30.

Her collection includes more than 20 pots, some manufactured before 1900. She has her mother’s childhood service depicting Robinson Crusoe’s adventures, which was hand-painted prior to 1895. Her collection includes teapots from Japan, England and the United States. Tea boxes and tea clothes will also be on display.

Marcia Spees’ colorful, light-filled watercolors celebrate home, nature and community. Her series “The Grace Collection” is inspired by her childhood memories of tea time with her grandmother, Grace. The painting on display accompanying Reid’s tea pots feature actual heirloom china and porcelain which she inherited from her grandmother.

Accompanying this exhibit are paintings of still-lives and landscapes by well-known local artists.