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Above: Luc and Benjamin, Acrobatic Conundrum, and Rafe Pearlmam.

Contributed photos Above: Luc and Benjamin, Acrobatic Conundrum, and Rafe Pearlmam.

Summer concert series finale on the Village Green

  • Sat Aug 21st, 2021 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by Orcas Center.

The final event of the Summer Concert Series, a joint venture between Orcas Center and Doe Bay, is not to be missed. Music, merriment, dancing, aerial acrobatics and more will grace the Village Green stage as we celebrate the end of summer. Showtime starts at 6pm, and is free to the public – although donations are appreciated:

Luc and Benjamin: ‘A Journey Through the Unexpected’

Join two best friends (one a musician and one a painter) on an interactive journey of song, story, paint and surprise. Luc and Benjamin have traveled the world together utilizing the power of music and art to serve humans in the darkest hours. They co-founded an organization called “The Goodness Tour: Music and Art for People Facing Adversity” through which they travel to refugee camps, disaster zones and other places of adversity to activate the healing power of music and art. They also have a band together called “Luc and the Lovingtons”. Get ready for an intimate and soul fulfilling experience as Benjamin and Luc bring you into their inspirational living room of music, story, paint and improvisation.

Acrobatic Conundrum: Rising Sideways

In a world turned upside-down, Acrobatic Conundrum proposes a theatrical rite to embrace the inversion of our time. Ascending in spirals, somersaulting through the air, and alighting with ease, a company of circus embody how we can be disoriented and poised at once. With all the passion and purpose that only eighteen months of solitudinous circus training can evoke, the performers of Acrobatic Conundrum are ready to channel the dancing, flipping sublime once again. This evening-length, open-air show is a one-of-a-kind, not to be missed smorgasbord of aerial dance, hand-to-hand pas de deux, tumbling and clownery, always delivered in inimitable, authentic style. Celebrate our collective wishes for the way ahead, even as we grieve our lost time, and cherish the extraordinary present like never before. Come rise to the curious occasion in “Rising Sideways.”

Rafe Pearlman

Rafe Pearlman started his singing career with the wolves, ravens and sled dogs of the Alaskan wilderness. The wild nature of his exploratory singing has led to performances spanning the globe, from India, Hong Kong, Israel and Germany, to Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Mexico and all across the United States.

Rafe’s intention with his music is to inspire a vision of a world in harmony and unity, celebrating diversity, sustainability, and equality for all beings. Sometimes a simple song is all it takes to open a connection.

Highlights of his many years of music-making include performances at John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (USA), America’s Got Talent (USA), Festival Internaciona (Mexico), Lightning in a Bottle (USA), Burning Man (USA), and Shantipi (Israel).

Concert seating is on a first-come/first-serve basis for groups up to six. Be sure to bring your own seating or blankets for a comfortable concert experience and remember to practice social distancing.