SeaDoc Society presents Ocean Night ‘The Salmon Way’

Submitted by SeaDoc Society.

Spend the evening at the Sea View Theatre with Amy Gulick and the SeaDoc Society on Wednesday, Dec. 4. Gulick, a gifted photographer and author, will take viewers on an adventure to Alaska, where salmon are a fundamental source of food, livelihood and identity, and connect generations and communities throughout the state.

“I was intrigued that there is still a place in the world where the lives of people and salmon are linked,” says Gulick. “I spent time with Alaska Native families, and commercial and sport fishermen to understand their ways of life that revolve around these remarkable fish.”

Ocean Night is presented by The SeaDoc Society and Camp Orkila. It is a monthly series of free movies and live events at the Sea View Theatre on the first Wednesday of each month. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the event runs from 7-8 p.m. The concessions and bar are open.

Salmon are integral to the lives of many Alaskans, but the habitat they need to thrive is increasingly at risk from large-scale development. Meanwhile, down in the Salish Sea, such development has already decimated the salmon population, resulting in the near-extinction of the Southern resident killer whale population, down to just 73 animals.

Alaskans can look to the Salish Sea as a cautionary tale, and the people of the Salish Sea can look to Alaska as a powerful but fragile example of why the salmon are so important.

“My home is the Salish Sea, where we once had a staggering abundance of wild salmon,” says Gulick. “Alaska shows us what a functioning salmon ecosystem looks like and what could be possible here in the Northwest.”

The presentation will feature Gulick’s award-winning photos projected on the big screen. Darvill’s bookstore will be there, and samples of Alaskan smoked salmon will be available for those who would like to experience the night through all five senses.

The SeaDoc Society and Camp Orkila are able to make this a free event thanks to donations from Dean and Audrey Stupke; Jim and Kathy Youngren; Barbara Brown; Barbara Bentley; West Sound Marina; The Averna Family (Deer Harbor Charters); Madrona Inn Bar & Grill; Shearwater Kayak Tours; San Juan County Marine Resources Committee; and all who supported SeaDoc Society through the Orcas Island Community Foundation.