Sada Ashcraft loves work and her kids

It was always in Sada Ashcraft’s life plan to be a mother.

The 38-year-old Orcas Island native and her husband Justin have three kids: Ava, 10; Levi, 8; and Mia, 6.

“I’ve always known I wanted kids – always, always,” said Ashcraft. “I don’t even know if I’m done having kids – just so you know that. We haven’t made that decision yet because who knows.”

Ashcraft balances having three children with working several jobs as well as volunteering.

“I have my own business doing accounting and bookkeeping for people. I’m employed part-time around island and I work in a restaurant one night a week for fun – that’s my fun job,” said Ashcraft. “I had to have some sort of flexible working experience so I could still do everything with my kids – go on field trips, go to their school, volunteer at their schools.”

Saying that Ashcraft is passionate about her kids is an understatement. She volunteers to read at the public school twice a week and she, her husband or her mother Louise are with the kids when they go on field trips.

“I like to be where my kids are. I like them to know that I’m around, that I know what’s going on, too,” said Ashcraft. “It’s hard but it’s fun and it’s fulfilling.”

Being a mother of three and working as much as Ashcraft does seems like it would be exhausting, but she thrives off of it.

“I like to be a very involved mother, but I love work,” she said. “Having my own business lets me balance it.”

Ashcraft has a degree in social science with a focus on law, politics and economics from the University of Washington and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. She moved to Carlsbad, California after she completed her bachelor’s and then on to Orange County, where she met Justin. Married 11 years this coming June, she always knew she’d return home to Orcas.

“When I left to go to college it was in my brain – because I grew up here – so I knew how life is here,” said Ashcraft.

She and Justin brought their family to live on Orcas in May 2011 when her youngest daughter was just nine months old.

Ashcraft also helps her dad Gregg Sasan coach the Orcas Island High School girls basketball team. She is passionate not only about her own children but the children she coaches as well.

“This was the first year one of my kids was in a program. I think I’ll be starting to coach their age … but I think I see myself coaching my own children sooner than later,” said Ashcraft. “My passions were sports when I was growing up here. So that’s still where it’s at. Even at the high school, the kids that aren’t my kids, I just like watching them bloom by playing a sport.”

The love Ashcraft has for her children is very evident in the way she speaks about them. She says they’re all very different from each other and make her laugh daily.

“Once I had my first baby, I couldn’t imagine my life without her … without each one of them.

It’s weird. When I was going to have my second baby, it was like ‘am I going to love that baby as much as that one?’ but it was like of course, you do,” said Ashcraft. “I think it’s just something fulfilling to see these little people that we made become their own self.”