Playfest 2020 becomes PlagueFest 2020

  • Wed Jun 17th, 2020 1:30am
  • Life

The Actors Theater of Orcas Island has announced a “Stay At Home” version of their well known Playfest.

After nearly fifteen years of successful playfests a number of issues resulted in the 2019 Playfest being canceled. Rather than let the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown prevent a Playfest this year, the Actors Theater decided to find a way to put on the Playfest. So, armed with enthusiasm and a donation to pay for the commercial version of Zoom, the Actors Theater decided to present several plays from last year’s submissions.

The Actors Theater selected four plays, four playwrights, four directors, eighteen actors and one techie to rehearse and record the plays using the Zoom platform.

“Cast On, Bind Off” by Brad Brown is directed by Melinda Milligan.

Actors are Bella Schermerhorn, Bev Leyman, Pam Evans, Pat Ayers and Lesley Liddle.

“Second Thoughts” by Miguel Villarreal is directed by Suzanne Gropper.

Actors are Frank Michels, Larry Hampel, Aaimee Johnson, Luann Pamatian and Don Yearly.

“Helping Aunt Lucy” by Jackie Bates is directed by Tom Fiscus. Actors are Paula Capitano, Tom Fiscus, Leah Jensen, Bella Evans and Ed Wilson.

“In The Hall Of The Mountain Wizard” by Evan Wagoner-Lynch is directed by Lynda Sanders. Actors are R. Travis King, Maddie Olson and Stephanie Wright.

The production will be available for viewing online on and after June 19. Visit on or after the 19 to find the link to the video of Plaguefest 2020 on YouTube.

Contact Doug Bechtel by phone at 360-317-5601 or email if you have any questions.