PlayFest ‘08 announced

  • Wed Apr 23rd, 2008 3:00pm
  • Life

Suzanne Gropper and Annette Mazzarella in “The Homecoming

The Actors Theater of Orcas Island announces the third annual festival of short plays written by local playwrights. This year, the festival has a great range of plays by both first-time writers and writers from the first two festivals. As usual, the presenters will be a collection of the best actors on Orcas as well as several novice actors. The 2008 Playfest also features six directors, and is another showcase of experienced and new talents.

Plays selected this year include:

IN THE GARDEN written by Elsie McFarlane and directed by Paula Capitano. Enjoy this tongue-in-cheek perspective on an ancient drama starring Alissa Knickerbocker and John Mozzarella.

AMMONIA AND WATER by Bill Westlake and directed by Sandy Thompson. A grieving widow gets more than she bargained for from an innocent visitor. Stars DD Glaze and Steve Baker.

CURTAINS written by Jackie Bates and directed by Doug Bechtel. Sometimes revenge is its own reward. This fun play stars Aimee Johnson and Cele Westlake.

NECESSARY written by Alissa Knickerbocker and directed by Patty Monaco is a poignant look at the relationship between an elderly father and his adult daughter, and how they cope with all that aging means in their lives. This warm and moving play stars Lin McNulty and Bill Hagen.

RAINY DAY INCIDENT written by Marguerite Olson and directed by Sandy Thompson shows how a routine day can turn and turn unexpectedly. This unusual story, performed as a reading, stars Audra Goffeney, Kimberly Nusbaum, and an actor to be announced.

TAKING UP SPACE written by Louise Carnachan and directed by Melinda Milligan. This is a story of discovery and exploration between a grandmother and granddaughter both at transition points in their lives. This lovely story stars Audra Goffeney and Gwyneth Burrill.

THE HOMECOMING, written by Ron Herman and directed by Louise Carnachan is a tribute to the undying love couples share both here and beyond. The stars in this heartwarming play are Annette Mozzarella, Suzanne Groper and Doug Bechtel.

“This annual collaboration of local writers with local actors and directors continues to be a highlight of the theater season,” said PlayFest producer Doug Bechtel.

There will be four performances of Playfest ‘08 between Friday, May 1 and Sunday, May 4. All performances will be at 7:30 at the Grange. Tickets are $5 and are available at the door or at Darvills Book Store.

For additional information call Doug Bechtel at 317-5601.