‘Painting Buddies’ art show reception

One sunny summer day almost three years ago, Marj Franke and Rosie Kuhn were painting on the deck overlooking Eastsound. They were just freshening up some garden gnomes, and enjoy how the colors not only brightened up the statues but brightened them up too! Maybe, just maybe they could take this to another level.

The following day, Kuhn called Franke and said “Hey, did you know that there are painting tutorials on YouTube? They look really fun!” And that’s where it all began.

Both Franke and Kuhn have been engaged in the arts forever, though for decades life got in the way and kept each of them away from their creative tools. Kuhn while doing her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology specialized in Creative Expression, anticipating a time when she could utilize creativity in her work with client. Franke, dabbled with painting, sculpting, pottery, woodworking – always crafting something, but never took the time to focus deeply in one area. Somehow, by teaming up with each other, something allowed for inspiration and commitment to gel. And, now they have an Art Showing at the Senior Center from March 11 to the end of April.

Those YouTube videos took these aspiring painters from beginning techniques and skills to advanced demonstrations of how to paint a painting. Now both Kuhn and Franke still use the videos as resources, however they are pretty independent these days as they paint along side of each other two or three days a week.

“I’ve tried to paint on my own,” said Kuhn, “but it isn’t the same without Marj. Even though we are pretty immersed in our painting and don’t talk much, it feels collaborative and enhances my courage. I will attempt pretty much anything if Marj is in the room. That’s what painting buddies do for each other.”

If you’d like to join Kuhn and Franke in the celebration of their show – Painting Buddies, you are welcome to attend a reception held Friday, March 15, from 5-7 p.m. at the senior center.