Orcas High School seniors give back to community with final projects

  • Tue Jun 2nd, 2020 1:30am
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Submitted by Orcas Island School District

When an Orcas Island High School student becomes a senior, part of the year is dedicated to bettering the community with a special project. And this year was no different, despite in-school sessions closed due to COVID-19. Senior project presentations will be shared on June 9 in a recorded format. A weblink to all senior project presentations will be shared with the community via the school website at www.orcasislandschools.org and the district’s Facebook page.

Corey Aragon — Skatepark Memorial

A work of art at the skatepark to remember a former resident.

Avery Bishop-Martin — Web and Water

A new website for Olga Water.

Charlie Brady — Jam From Home

Creating and teaching online guitar lessons.

Joseph Brewer — Under Pressure

An air pressure cannon for future Applied Physics classes to learn from.

Celina Chapman — Gaming Does Good

A video game livestream that raised more than $2,000 for the Orcas Animal Shelter.

Kayla Chapman — A Gift For the Land Bank

Building a new picnic table for the San Juan County Land Bank at a location of their choosing.

Max Clark-Matilla — Trimming and Touching Up the Softball Dugout

Siding and trimming a dugout on the softball field.

Skylar Dalusio — Protective Facemasks

Sewing and distributing facemasks to the community to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Birdie Greening — Exploring the Past of Orcas Island Through Art

A series of black and white ink drawings of historical photos of Orcas Island.

Maya Heikkinen — Stewarding Nature Preserves and Preserving Stewardship of Nature

Caring for local nature preserves and producing a short video to inspire elementary students to appreciate the natural environment.

Ariah Howard — The Periodic Table

Painting a life-size Periodic table for the high school science class.

Logan Joubert-Bousson — French Language and Culture Classes

Teaching interested students in French language and culture through a series of online classes.

Daniel Keyes — Coronavirus Preparedness

Creating a network to support the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jaydon Krisch — Softball Dugout Upgrade

Siding and trimming a dugout on the softball field.

Maia Lewis-Shunk — Basketball tutorials

Producing and editing a series of basketball tutorials to prep future players.

Zoe Lewis-Shunk — Orcas Island Tourism App

Programming an interactive app for visitors to use while navigating the restaurants, hotels and trails of Orcas Island.

Ewan Lister — Sculpting the Platonic Solids

Sculpting the five polyhedra which can be constructed from regular polygons—the Platonic Solids and mounting them in the school district campus, in an effort to inspire the spirit of knowledge

Martha Lum — Farm to Classroom Classes on Livestock

Creating a series of educational films on livestock to be used in the Farm to Classroom curriculum.

Ian Maier — Orcas and the Stories of a Few Residents

Recording, writing, and sharing the stories of select Orcas residents.

Mario Pocasagre Rodgriguez — Helping Students

A project to support Spanish speaking students.

Soeth Quintero — Support for Survivors

A project to raise awareness about sexual assault.

Kataya Rain — Nothing Left To Do But Dance

A collective dance video of people from the community creating art in their own spaces to be shared with the community.

Manuel Rodriguez — Octagonal Picnic Table

A new picnic table for the high school.

Trevor Russel-Wareham — Outdoor Classroom

Building an outdoor classroom for teachers and students to use.

Richard Sanders — A Brief History of the San Juans

A brief video on the San Juan Islands from it’s early years to current times.

Arla Sutton — The Virtual Viking

Hosting a Google Meet (video chat) for all OIHS students to support school culture and connectedness during the school closure.

Camryn Thompson — Free Little Library

Building and donating a little library to inspire reading and creativity

Gabriel Thomson — A New Graduation Arch

Building a new arch for future graduations at OIHS.

Riley Turner — Courtyard in 3-D Design

Using 3-D design software to virtually install a reflecting pond within the high school courtyard.

Jeiri Velazquez-Quintero — Mexican Dance Culture

Learning and then teaching Mexican dance via video

Destiny Wright — Soccer Bench

Building and donating a new bench for the soccer field.