The Changing Times publisher and designer Corbin LaMont with Issue 13: Orcas Island, Washington

The Changing Times publisher and designer Corbin LaMont with Issue 13: Orcas Island, Washington

Newspaper publisher designs an issue about Orcas Island, hosts release parties this week

For Corbin LaMont, place is a muse.

Founder, co-editor, designer and publisher of The Changing Times, a newspaper from many places, LaMont began her inaugural year in November 2017, publishing 12 issues from a different place each month and working with over a hundred artists to circulate more than 6,000 issues throughout the world.

During that first year, LaMont had hoped to travel to Orcas Island for an issue. Navigating by van across the country and during certain months hopping on flights to various cities worldwide, she resolved that the 13th issue and first of her second year would feature Orcas. Now the research, though perhaps never complete, is complete. The full-color papers have been printed. The time has come. Two release parties for The Changing Times Issue 13: Orcas Island will be held Wednesday, Aug. 14, at 7 p.m. at The Barnacle during “Lucky: A Monthly Queer Night,” and Thursday, Aug. 15, aboard the interisland ferry departing Orcas at 6:20 p.m. Community members receive issues for free because TCT subscribers pay the cost to print.

Issue 13: Orcas Island is LaMont’s most comprehensive issue to date, featuring over 20 local contributors and a 5,000-word editorial.

“Issue 13: Orcas Island, Washington is the first issue we’ve published from a place with a primarily tourism-based economy,” LaMont said. “I was deeply interested in having conversations with full-time community members working to balance the needs of the permanent population as a lot of the newspaper’s research up until this point has explored guest/host relationships as well as the role of visitors to the identity of a place. Many of the rural communities where past issues have been published lack the same economic driver that tourism brings, so I felt there was a lot The Changing Times readership could learn from a place held by this binder.”

LaMont developed an editorial “Tools for Community Care” based on formal conversations with community members Rick Hughes, Michell Marshall, Pete Moe, Lisa Byers and Hilary Canty, supporting those findings with anecdotes from her research trip.

“I went out looking for the gatekeepers who keep this community what it is, but everyone is a part of this ecosystem. No one is looking out for our communities but us. Community is a verb and a shared responsibility. It can be harder to see in cities, but is as clear as day on an island,” LaMont’s front-page editorial reads.

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