New starting date for ‘Enchanted Rock’ rehearsals

The show “Enchanted Rock,” directed by Grace McCune, Jake Perrine and Deborah Sparks, is starting on a different day due to a venue scheduling conflict. The show blends the Enchanted Forest Cabaret with the Rock on the Rock Choir in a rowdy and fun fusion of music, projections and dance. Performances are at Seaview Theater from Feb. 1-4.

The choir (15 and older) will launch on Tuesday, Oct. 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Random Howse. It will meet every week after that on Monday, same time and location. To register, show up on the day and time of the first rehearsal.

The cost is $120/class or $150 total for both choir and dance. If you have any questions, email

In the spring there will be a kids choir show; the cast of this upcoming show will be made up primarily of adults.