New art and poetry book released

by Susan Slapin

Approximately one year ago I created “Painted Bird.” It has many soft pastel paintings and poetry. I feel that it reads like a friend and contains many paintings that refer to either specific or imagined places on the island. The poetry is deep, introspective, comforting and refers to the human condition and spiritual journey. The second edition also contains a few more “rabbit hole, galactic, where could this be going” poems.

This recent October, approaching my birthday, I thought that it felt like a good time to create another book. Frankly, it was totally compelling! I stayed up late and worked on it for under a month. It was going to be twenty pages and little writing, but now it’s forty pages, with writing.

This book is filled with imagery from the following mediums: etching, monotype, acrylics, mixed media, soft pastels and photography. Prose, poems, and a couple of fun made up or real stories, as well So now, “An artist her dog and islands in the Salish Sea.”

“Painted Bird” is carried by Dakota Pastels Arts in Mount Vernon or through me. My newest book is available by contacting me at