Mother’s Day profile: Hailey Averna

The Islands’ Sounder interviewed Hailey Averna in honor of Mother’s Day.

She is a mom to 6-year-old Geo and 3-year-old Louie with her husband Nate, who she calls a “wonderful and very fun dad.”

Sounder: What did you learn from your mom that informed your own mothering?

Hailey Averna: My mom taught me the importance of letting kids play and be imaginative. She also normalized breastfeeding so I never felt uncomfortable nursing anywhere.

Sounder: Did you always want kids? If so, why?

HA: Yes, I always knew I would be a mother. It was just the feeling I had.

Sounder: What was a typical day like for you before COVID-19? What is it like now?

HA: Our biggest difference since the onset of Covid is Nate is home! We were homeschooling this year anyway. At first, the kids really missed their friends but now they have found their groove and are playing so well together. We farm so springtime is usually a lot of time at home. Before COVID my cousin Etta came to farm with us for the season and with all the time at home, it’s been crucial having a 3rd adult in the house!

Sounder: What surprised you about being a mom?

HA: you are on all the time. One of my favorite songs is “the mother” by Brandi Carlisle, and the beginning line is “welcome to the end of being alone inside your mind”. That seriously resonated with me. It’s something I don’t think a person can prepare for.

Sounder: What’s the best part and what’s the hardest part?

HA: The best parts are watching your kids learn, and becoming more independent. It’s so fun. The hardest parts are getting impatient with them and the guilt that goes along with making mistakes.

Sounder: How have you changed as a person since you became a mother?

HA: I can multitask so well now. I never thought I could get so many things done in a day.

Sounder: How do you see yourself in your children? What personality traits do you share?

HA: It’s funny because Nate and I each have a mini-me. Geo is my mini-me and Louie is his. Everything from how they are built, to their personalities. Geo loves to be the center of attention and Louie is so coordinated. Geo loves animals and is very good with them, animals make Louie pretty nervous. My family calls them little Hailey and little Nate often.

Mother’s Day profile: Hailey Averna