Let’s Play!

The Floating Ukulele Jam Holiday Jammie Jam is on! Grab your uke, your pajamas, your voice, a song (holiday or otherwise) to share, and your friends and relations and join us on the interisland ferry on the traditional Third Thursday of the month – Dec. 15th. Boat departs Friday Harbor at 5:45pm, Orcas at 6:45pm, Shaw at 7:00pm. Please help spread the word to the other islands!

No uke? Just come and sing, or listen in. No songs to share? Just come and play and sing, we’ll teach you some. No friends and relations? Come and make some! No pajamas? Find some! Masks welcome. We’ll see you on board – let’s play! For questions, more info, and fashion advice, write anita@rockisland.com.