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Submitted by Orcas Senior Center.

What does it mean to be a senior on this island? What does it mean to age well on Orcas?

For the membership of the Orcas Senior Center, aging well means being involved with an amazing community who has stories to tell, energy to give and who experience life with enthusiasm!

Aging well on Orcas means paying attention to one’s health while acknowledging the inevitable; to keeping the mind sharp even as the body tires. Aging well on Orcas means finding like-minded folks who value caring for each other, checking in on one another and offering an extra pair of hands when necessary. Join these like-minded folks at Orcas Senior Center!

If you’ve ever considered joining the Orcas Senior Center, now is the time. Already a member? Please renew! Membership at Orcas Senior Center keeps it going. Members are the center’s lifeline. Generous volunteers devote their time servicing this community and dedicated staff keeps the wheels turning, but it’s the center’s membership that’s the engine, the force behind Orcas Senior Center.

Join today for as little as $30 a month and share your stories and enthusiasm with a group of folks who are living and aging well on Orcas!

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