It’s a great time to be a mentor

Submitted by The Funhouse.

Ali, 31 and Serafina, 13 have been matched for about two years now. Serafina was involved in other programs at the Funhouse and eventually became aware of the mentor program. “One of my favorite things about having a mentor is having someone to talk to,” said Serafina, and Ali wholeheartedly agreed!

As part of their agreement through the Funhouse mentor program, they have committed to spend at least four hours per month together, doing an activity of their choice. At the beginning of COVID, things changed for a bit and they were meeting virtually once a week. Now, able to safely get out again, they are enjoying nature walks, either on the trails or beaches.

Both Ali and Serafina also enjoy drawing anime or making slime! According to Ali, “It is important for the community to be supportive of our youth. I am privileged to be a part of the program and it’s great to have Serafina in my life. Everyone should spend time with a kid if they can!”

Mentoring relationships are an essential part of reaching out to the youth and keeping a healthy community. Mentors provide mentees with structure through engaging activities and meaningful relationships, as well as helping guide them through many challenges and successes.

Yonatan, 34 and Gavin, 13 have been matched for four years. “I was at the Funhouse nearly everyday. My mom told me about the mentor program and said that she thought it would be good for me, so we signed up”,” said Gavin. “Some of my favorite things to do with Yonatan are cooking, playing pathfinder on-line and camping!”

Yonatan said that “mentoring is a special relationship. There is not a lot of connection between the generations and adults don’t usually relate well to teens. This gives me the opportunity to connect with different life experiences and gives me a different perspective on things. We have some fascinating conversations and go on some big adventures!”

Both Serafina and Gavin say that they enjoy hanging out with their mentor.

The Funhouse continues to support island youth with traditional 1:1 mentor matches. In joining the Funhouse mentor program, you will be asked to complete an application, provide personal and professional references and complete a background check. The Funhouse provides orientation, training and on-going support for mentors and mentees.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or have a youth in your home interested in the program, contact the Peggy at The Funhouse at 360-376-7177 or email