In memory of Noni- honorary Eastsound Mayor

  • Fri Apr 24th, 2020 11:32am
  • Life

It is with heavy hearts that we announce Eastsound’s Honorary Mayor of the 2019-2020 term, Noni, has passed away. At the noble age of sixteen (112 in dog years), she left behind a legacy that will be remembered for generations of islanders to come. We would like to thank Noni for her leadership, we will always remember her floppy ears and her bark that represented our town with such vigor. Though her term was cut short, her impact will live on. Orcas Island Children’s House will be forever grateful for Noni and her owner Dave Roberts for their support. Noni, you will be missed.

As these are uncharted waters for all members of this island, we have decided to hand the Key to Eastsound to Luna, last year’s runner up. Luna will proudly represent our people as Honorary Mayor of Eastsound for the remainder of the term. With only a few months left in the term, we know Luna will take the leash proudly and honorably to carry on Noni’s legacy and to also create one mighty legacy of her own. We want to thank Luna for entering this vacant seat in a time of great anxiety and unknown. Orcas Island needs a strong leader with a loud bark, but a tender bite to get us out of this darkness and into a space of peace and resolve. We are confident in her leadership and community building abilities and look forward to handing off the Key to this amazing island into Luna’s paws.

Orcas Island Children’s House will be kicking off this year’s Mayor’s Race very soon. This year presents some difficulties, but the Eastsound Mayoral Committee is up for the challenge! The 2020 Eastsound Mayoral race will be held in an exciting new Online-Only format. Not only will this be more exciting, but it will also be safer for our Mayoral Candidates during a global pandemic. Make sure to tune in! If you are interested in having your pet or animal friend run in the 2020 Eastsound Mayor’s Race, please go to, or email us at All proceeds raised during this election go to support the Orcas Island Children’s House!

Thank you for your love and support,

Orcas Island Children’s House Board of Directors