Healthcare career training offered by EDC and Cornerstone

Submitted by Economic Development Council Of San Juan County.

Those seeking to enter health care careers, obtain side income while helping their neighbors, or boost personal care business are invited to get free Home Care Aide (HCA) training through a program offered by the Economic Development Council (EDC) in partnership with Cornerstone Healthcare Training. Students will receive free training, financial support for costs of testing, and counseling to fit HCA certification into a plan for financial success.

HCA certification can help people gain financial stability. Workers wishing to enter other healthcare careers – such as nursing or even management positions – can work as an HCA to start up the career ladder and earn income at the same time. Those working part-time, seasonally, or freelance could gain income stability and flexibility by working as an HCA. Those who are doing other types of personal care services already can earn more income by offering new services or by filling gaps between private clients.

To learn more, contact the EDC at or visit the EDC website: Applicants must be San Juan County residents who are 18 years or older.

The EDC thanks PeaceHealth and San Juan County for grants that provide the major funding for the program, and Cornerstone Healthcare Training for in-kind support that makes it feasible. The EDC also thanks other donors and grantors whose support of the EDC’s Trades Training Initiative were critical to getting this program started.