Green Drinks at Orcas Co-op

A Cuban leading expert on renewable energies, Professor Mario Alberto Arrastía Avila will speak at Orcas Co-op Commons from 5–6:30 on Tuesday, March 21.

Arrastía Avila earned a B.E. degree with an emphasis in Teaching Physics and Astronomy and a MSc degree on Renewable Energies with major in Solar Photovoltaic Energy. He taught Physics and Astronomy for 26 years in all levels of education in Cuba and between 2003-2005 was hired by the National Department of Education of the Republic of South Africa to work asTutor for Physical Science teachers.

Arrastía Avila has authored dozen of articles for Cuban newspapers and several books about energy and sustainability issues. His last book titled “Hacia un futuro energético sostanible” was launched at the 2016 International Book Fair in La Habana, Cuba. Professor Mario Arrastía has been invited to attend scientific events and deliver lectures in countries like Argentina, Australia, Belgium and three times to the United States. He is a member of the Cuban Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energies and Environmental Awareness CUBASOLAR. He is currently a short-term scholar teaching two Physics classes at Cascadia Community College in Bothell.