Future film critics program debuts at Orcas Island Film Festival

In a first time collaboration between The Orcas Island Film Festival and The Orcas Island Lit Fest in association with Novel Lab, the Future Film Critics program offered Orcas youth the opportunity to try their hand at reviewing films during the 5th Annual Film Festival. Participating kids had their movie and snacks paid for and received guidance, mentoring and editing from professional, published writers. The films reviewed by Future Critics included “Saving Brinton,” “Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.” and “Chef Flynn.”

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for us,” said Lit Fest cofounder Jule Treneer, “To help the Orcas Island Film Festival—one of our island’s most vibrant and inspiring cultural events–—be a teaching moment for Orcas kids.”

“Writing about film is a great way to appreciate the art of filmmaking and metaphor,” added Sam Gailey, Novel Lab co-founder and Lit Fest volunteer. “Just as important, it’s a powerful way to process significant life themes.”

Kids interested in joining the Future Film Critics program at next year’s film festival should contact the Orcas Island Lit Fest at info@oilf.org. Future Film Critics will receive an invite to the opening night film fest red carpet ceremony, and their reviews will be featured in mix of social media, local and school papers, and teen blogs. Participants must 13 years or older.

“Who knows what seeds have been planted?” said Mike Moore, whose daughter Cat took part this year. “A future film producer, film critic or film studies teacher may have been inspired from this process.”

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