Fundraiser for sanctuary garden

Maura Lynn Pritchard has designed and tended many well-known gardens on Orcas Island, including the OrcaSong Farm and the permaculture project at Orcas Christian School. As a hospice caregiver, she knows how impactful nature can be for those trying to heal, which is why her newest project means so much to her and will mean so much to the community. She’s working with “The Vortex,” a femme-led collective, to create a healing sanctuary garden.

“The intention is ultimately for the land to serve as a community hub for healing, as we share modalities to creatively repair our physical and spiritual bodies as well as our relationships with each other and the land,” Brynna Bird wrote on GoFundMe. “It is crucial to Maura Lynn and the mission of the Vortex that this garden be a sacred refuge, a place to be safe and inspired.”

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The garden will also be a place of learning, as Pritchard is experienced in creating and teaching garden-based curriculum. The anchor of this garden will be a multi-use greenhouse which the Vortex is now asking the community to help build. They are attempting to raise $20,000 for the project.

“We have a good portion of the materials for the greenhouse already and are hoping to use our own lumber as much as possible,” Bird said. “We have been slowly but steadily forming teams for infrastructure, design, and building. With more funding available, we could move much more quickly.”