From the Fridge to the Wall: Student art show at Orcas Center

  • Tue Apr 29th, 2008 1:26am
  • Life

Observing intently, taking risks with the possibility of failure, recognizing patterns, making connections, and not playing it safe are all lessons learned in artwork.

“From the Fridge to the Wall,” an Orcas Island student art show, opens Friday, May 2 and will run through May 30 will exhibit the artwork of every Orcas Elementary student and includes works from the middle school and high school art students as well as students from Salmonberry and Orcas Christian schools.

The students of Orcas High School’s art teacher, Carolyn Wayland, have moved this semester from drawing to art and ceramics.

They are learning color theory and given sequential assignments with criteria. An assignment this semester will be an expressionistic self-portrait.

Wayland says,”My students have a portfolio of their work all semester and will choose several works to exhibit.” She has 60 students in three classes this semester. Art is a graduation requirement, Wayland says, “but beyond that, it’s an opportunity to engage in the creative process. The students may not be artists, but they can appreciate art, it’s part of everyone’s life.”

Salmonberry School’s intermediate students, from nine to 11 years old, will enter standup 3-D pictures, in which the art paper is folded like a fan and presents two separate pictures, depending on which angle you view the “painting” from.

Intermediate teacher Marta Nielson said, “We don’t have art as a stand alone subject, it’s integrated into whatever we’re studying at that point, such as the weather. So the picture might combine math as the students measure and cut out equal number strips and then measure and fold the paper it gets glued onto, and also the picture relates to the overall theme of land formations and weather.

The opening reception for “From the Fridge to the Wall” will be Friday, May 2 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. with music provided by middle and high school musicians, with Lizz Hanks, director. “Students, parents and the Orcas community are invited to come and celebrate with us!” says Carolyn Wayland, who along with Tracy Levine are the show directors and serve on the Orcas Center Visual Arts Committee.

“We have not had a student show at the center for two years and we are excited to have this opportunity to showcase student talents, “ said Wayland.