Events for kids starting kindergarten next year

  • Thu Apr 25th, 2019 3:42pm
  • Life

Bus ride and public school tour

All kindergarten-bound children will have the opportunity to ride to Orcas Elementary School in a big yellow school bus on Wednesday, May 8. The bus will be making stops at the four preschools on North Beach Road. The first stop will be Kaleidoscope at 9 a.m. The bus will then continue back to town with stops at Montessori, Salmonberry and Children’s House preschools. Parents do not need to accompany their children on this trip.

Children will meet the kindergarten teacher Lisa Jenkins and visit the kindergarten classroom. They will also tour the school with Principal Lorena Stankevich (and their preschool teachers) and visit the garden, gym, playground, office and library. After the tour, children will go to the cafeteria for a free lunch. Parents may join their child for lunch at 11 am for $5.25 or bring their own food. After lunch, students will return to their preschool on the bus. Students can be picked up at their school at noon.

If your child does not attend preschool but will be entering kindergarten this fall, he or she can catch the bus at Kaleidoscope.

Sign your child up at his/her preschool, and note if any adults will be eating lunch at the school. RSVP by May 1 at your child’s preschool or contact Erin O’Dell at 376-3184 or

Kindergarten Transition Banquet

There will be a kindergarten transition event on Thursday, May 16. Dinner is served at 5:30 and 6 p.m. at the Emmanuel Episcopal Parish Hall. All children entering kindergarten in September (and their parents) are invited to attend a free catered dinner followed by kindergarten transition activity centers. Children will be presented with a backpack full of fun educational tools similar to those used in the activity centers.

Free childcare and dinner will be provided for siblings at Kaleidoscope. RSVP is required. Sign up by May 3 at your child’s preschool or by contacting O’Dell at 376.3184 or