“Driven to Abstraction” at the library

Utilizing the artist’s toolbox of shape, color, pattern and rhythm, Marcia explores the territory between reality and the instinctive. Through what she regards as the secret language of art, she strives to reveal the subconscious threads which bind us all.

Over time, she has evolved from creating traditional watercolors to a deeper dive into composition and harmony. In her Orcas studio, watercolors have given way to acrylics and oils, opening new pathways and complementing her urge to experiment with a variety of mediums and tools.

Marcia is currently immersed in the mysteries of abstracts and “abstract expressionism”. This exhibit is a time stamp of where she is today on her artistic journey.

You can learn more about her work and painting philosophy by visiting her web site: www.speesart.com.

These paintings are all acrylic or acrylic and oil on canvas or panel; finished with UV-resistant archival varnish.

All paintings are for sale. To inquire about pricing and purchase information, please contact Marcia directly:

(ph) 360-376-4084……..(email) marcia@speesart.com