Comment on draft Turtleback Mountain Preserve stewardship plan

Submitted by The San Juan County Conservation Land Bank.

The San Juan County Conservation Land Bank is seeking public input on its recently completed Draft Stewardship and Management Plan for Turtleback Mountain Preserve on Orcas Island. The purpose of the SMP is to provide overarching goals and management objectives for the Preserve’s natural resources. SMPs guide decision-making and work planning and promote transparency. For the 76 percent of Land Bank properties that are open to the public, SMPs also define the level of public access in ways that meet our mission to provide opportunities for low-intensity recreation. These plans are revised periodically in response to changing environmental and social conditions.

You can download a copy of the Draft Turtleback Mountain Preserve SMP from the Land Bank’s website by following this link: For a quick overview, click here for an executive summary highlighting updates to the 2008 SMP.

Please submit your comments by May 27, 2022.

After the 30-day comment period closes, Land Bank staff and commissioners will review comments and consider revision to the draft plan. An overview of comments will be provided at the June 17, 2022, commission meeting.

How to Submit Comments: Email Tanja Williamson at or Mail: 350 Court Street No. 6 Friday Harbor, WA 98250.