Casting Notice: Blithe Spirit at Orcas Center

Submitted by Dorrie Braun.

Blithe Spirit, written by Noel Coward and directed by Dorrie Braun is currently being cast. Since there are no audition dates, contact Dorrie Braun at 626-695-8283 to make an appointment to read from the script.

About the play: Charles Condomine is working on his latest novel concerning occult mysteries. As part of his research, he and his wife Ruth host a seance with an eccentric medium known as Madame Arcati and invite their friends to play along. The evening takes a supernatural turn when Madame Arcati conjures Charles’ deceased first wife, Elvira, who doesn’t have plans to leave. Lighthearted and endearing, this otherworldly classic combines farce, emotion and wit to goosebump-giving effect.

Characters: Edith – a maid, always in a hurry, 18+

Ruth – 30s-40s

Charles – 30s-40s

Dr. Bradman – 30s-50s

Mrs. Bradman – 30s-50s

Madame Arcati – 40s-70s

Elvira – 20s-40s

Company meeting/read-through in December; rehearsals begin the first week in January, Performances are March 9-18, 2023 on the Center Stage at Orcas Center. For more information contact Dorrie Braun at 626-695-8283.