Candidates trade barbs and brews

Eastsound mayoral hopefuls (four dogs and a plain cat) are pulling out all the stops, using chicanery to gain traction in the election. Campaign promises are passé; these animals are offering buttons, beads and bags to voters who slip money into envelopes marked explicitly for them.

Toby, who currently trails in the race, has enlisted the support of big banks to help get a leg up on his competition. Weighing in at well over 90, the Bernese Mt. Dog says voters get more “pound-for-pound,” with a vote for him and warns of “Pie-in-the-Skye” ideas that can’t be implemented by the Sheltie Pomeranian.

Skye, counters that his maturity and positive outlook provide a catalyst in politics at a time when voters need hope most. Meanwhile, candidate Hudson has been seen soliciting votes using child labor and capes. His managers say he’s simply tapping the youth culture and his attire demonstrates his ability to match attire to occasion.

The Barnacle will host the “Candidates Debate” June 25, and Island Hoppin’ Brewery will host another “Meet ‘n’ Greet” with Dr. Spyder on June 30. Vote, follow the election, download the Voter’s Guide and quickly access all the candidate’s official Web sites, including Tyrone and Dr. Spyder, via Each vote benefits the toddler and preschool program of Children’s House. The race concludes July 1, when a new honorary mayor is named and given a key to the village by current Mayor Lewis (a corgle.)

Candidate: Toby (Bernese Mt. Dog)

Sponsor: Washington Federal Bank

Campaign Managers: Linda Bannerman, Brad Brown

Campaign Slogan: “Another chance to vote for Bernie”

Top Issues: Protecting forests, air and sea.

Dog Scoop: Rescued from a breeding operation where he was imprisoned for two years, Toby is passionate about the right of all people and animals to have a loving, safe, affordable home in an accepting community.

Unique Qualities: Jaunty, photogenic and social. Often the first to extend a handshake.

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Candidate: Skye (Sheltie Pomeranian)

Sponsor: T. Williams Real Estate

Campaign Manager: Brianna Rose

Campaign Slogan: “Skye’s the Limit!”

Political Leanings: “The current political climate is far too much doom and gloom. Time to brighten things up!”

Dog Scoop: Accused of being the “Welcoming Committee,” Skye often leads the way in any scenario he’s put in. He gets along with every creature he’s met and has spent the last six years as bodyguard to his small human, Brady, and is excited to expand into the world of politics. Skye says he runs a clean campaign and will gladly trade cuddles for votes.

Unique Qualities: The 10-year-old doesn’t look his age!

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Candidate: Hudson (English Cream Golden Retriever)

Sponsor: Suzie’s Barber Shop

Campaign Managers: Grayson and mom Heather Rosenberg

Campaign Slogan: “Buy Local”

Top Issues: In tandem with his passion for water sports, Hudson says keeping water clean is critical.

Dog Scoop: The 3-year-old loves all forms of water sports, including Stand-up Paddleboards, kayaks, both motor and sail boats. A SeaDoc supporter, he can be found with his family during beach cleanups.

Tidbit: Hudson likes vegetables so much that he eats green beans and sweet potatoes with every meal.

Unique Qualities: He can dress for any occasion. Easy-going, he tolerates all forms of costumes, happily wearing capes, leg warmers, hats, masks and balloons.

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