‘Botanical Bullies and Conscientious Gardening’

The Orcas Island Garden Club welcomes Master Gardener Jane Wentworth, who has a master’s degree in botany, on Wednesday, March 20, at 10 a.m. at the Orcas Center.

Wentworth specializes in identifying and promoting native plants, and in the prevention and management of invasive plants. She will speak about “invasives,” discussing the definition of a noxious weed or invasive plant and why gardeners should care. She will clarify the gardener’s role in managing this problem since many of these plants begin as ornamentals that gardeners unknowingly place in their garden. Particular attention to San Juan County will be discussed with tips to identify and control these undesirable plants locally. The garden club welcomes new members and encourages gardeners, landscapers, farmers and those who love nature to enjoy this month’s presentation. Afterward, visitors are encouraged to stop by the membership table.