Contriubted photo.

Contriubted photo.

Bench being made in honor of Ginny Lu

  • Fri Nov 15th, 2019 11:58am
  • Life

Submitted by the family of Ginny Lu Wood.

Ginny Lu Wood’s birthday is Nov. 22. Ginny Lu lived on and loved Orcas Island for most of her life. She was passionate about protecting our planet and especially the ocean. To celebrate and honor her, we want to share with her beloved island family that a memorial bench is being constructed, on island, by the talented Pete Welty.

The bench is being built from beautiful Santos Mahogany wood held by salt and pepper granite stone pillars. One of the pillars will have a stone bowl, lined and filled with blue marbles to be passed out, just as she would have wanted. We are even more excited to share that the bench will be located on the patio at the southwest corner of the Orcas Island Library with a lovely view overlooking the village and Eastsound.

A fund was created at the Orcas Island Community Foundation after her passing to continue her mission of giving and spreading joy. Ginny Lu lived her life with positivity, a loving heart and a giggle like no other. We hope you will consider donating to the OICF Blue Marble/Ginny Lu Memorial Fund. Donations are tax-deductible and every penny will be used to fund the costs of the bench. The fund can be found by going online to and selecting make a donation.

Thank you to everyone, on and off-island, who loved Ginny Lu as much as we did. We know this bench would make her so happy and hope it will make all of you happy as well! Happy Birthday Ginny Lu Wood!