Art exhibit opening with Natalie Menacho

Orcas Island Winery’s pop-up modern and contemporary art gallery, MUST, featuring local and visiting artists, presents an emerging artist exhibit featuring the brand new works of local artist, Natalie Menacho.

The art installation opens with a free-to-the-public evening event on Friday, Sept. 29 at 5 p.m. with live music from The Northship. Light bites will be provided. Wine and artwork will be available for purchase.

The show is an introspective look at the shape shifting, drifting like nature of the liminal state. Menacho presents a conceptually driven yet playful and whimsically charged visual story-telling of the beauty between the micro and macro. Her pieces breathe buoyancy, ease and new life. They softly allow the viewer to surrender to curious abstraction. Menacho shows a light-filled, gentle, free-fall brilliance in distinct juxtaposition and meditative tension.

We make time. We spend time. We waste time. Who gets to decide which is which?

For several years, Natalie abandoned ownership of her time and temporarily misplaced her sense of self. A wake up call brought with it the reminder of finite mortality and an urge to experience time through a new lens. A knock at the door of inner knowing. A nudge to stretch and expand. Each piece is a personal contemplation of time and how it moves around the shapes we make.

Natalie Menacho is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist born and raised in the California Bay Area. The essence of her mixed media abstracts was originally born from a six-month sailing trip exploring the Salish Sea in 2013 where she found the spaciousness of time to develop work utilizing a limited palette. Her reverence for Orcas Island prompted her full-time move in 2016 and she has since nurtured and tended to deepening her roots and cultivating her creative voice.

Curated by Orcas Island Winery co-owner and Must Gallery curator, Tera Andaya. Carpooling is encouraged. Children and families are welcome.