Annual Mayoral race goes to the dogs

Submitted by Orcas Island Children’s House.

Eastsound’s annual mayoral race is in full swing, and with a few weeks to go, anything could happen in the end.

This year’s race is all about dogs! We’ve got young dogs, old dogs, older dogs, little dogs, big dogs, grumpy dogs, jumpy dogs and apathetic dogs in the race, but they all love kids! The race has started strong, with jumps in vote counts by the thousands, and with every vote representing a dollar earned for Orcas Island Children’s House, they can be proud and loud (woof!) that they are putting in those long market days and meet-and-greets to make our little islanders happier, smarter and better cared for.

Check out the candidates online at and decide who deserves the honorary title. If you’re in town and see a ballot box at local businesses, make sure to contribute toward your favorite pooch. Special thanks to the local businesses supporting and sponsoring this year’s mayoral candidates.

Island Hoppin’ Brewery (a frequent sponsor) is endorsing Noni, a geriatric wiener with her own agenda. She is currently in the lead as of press time. Check out her special campaign event in the afternoon on June 21 at the brewery!

Island Pie in Deer Harbor is sponsoring Charlie. He is schmoozing and eating pizza crusts on the restaurant deck every Thursday night this month. Go give her a scratch and buy some votes for that old gal.

Orcas Island Exchange/Orcas Recycling Services is sponsoring Max, a wire-haired cutie with a passion for the environment! Max’s PACk has agreed to generously match all votes collected in the ballot box at the Exchange. So stop by on your next dump run or treasure hunt and throw some bucks in the box.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church of Orcas Island’s cutest parishioner, Ava, is running for top dog this year! You may have seen her signs by now on your way into town, pleasantly accompanied by the beautiful gardens and labyrinth. Ava is the proud bishop on St. Francis Day for the blessing of the animals. Thanks for your blessings, beautiful Ava.

And last but certainly not least, Orcas Village Store is proudly sponsoring Luna! The youngest dog in the race, Luna has already agreed to place all other candidates in cabinet positions if she should be so lucky to win! What a team player.

Make sure to mark your calendars for Sunday, June 30. The Barnacle will be hosting its third annual mayoral debate where you can see all of the dogs in their glory, battling it out for TOP DOG. You surely won’t want to miss this fun event! Drink specials, dog watching and entertainment on the patio is the best way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon!

Orcas Island Children’s House is lucky to have a team of dedicated, generous and enthusiastic campaign managers this year. We thank them for their tireless campaign efforts! Let’s keep the momentum building for the next few weeks. We look forward to a record voter turnout this year.