An orca out of water

It’s hard to miss the 30-foot orca that has landed on the east side of North Beach Road.

The killer whale, which weighs somewhere between 2,000–3,000 pounds now resides outside of the recently relocated Orcas Wild and Outer Island Excursions office at 414 North Beach Road.

“The whale was originally made with a government grant to build a life-like killer whale decoy to scare sea lions away from key salmon habitat,” said Outer Island owner Beau Brandow. “This idea was a failure, but we were left with a very anatomically correct model and the opportunity to spread education and awareness about killer whales in a way that people can connect with.”

According to Brandow, the whale cost approximately $100,000 to construct and spent several years in Bellingham’s Squalicum Harbor until its owner passed away. He said he acquired the mannequin mammal by promising to give it “an appropriate home with positive intentions.” Brandow is asking for the public’s help in naming the latest resident of downtown Eastsound. Contact Outer Island with your suggestions by calling 360-376-3711 or emailing

“We are hoping to inspire visitors to experience what a killer whale looks like in real life. Come inside the museum to learn about the island ecosystem, some of its problems and learn how to respectfully enjoy the islands both on and off the water,” Brandow said. “The whale is a great symbol of that stewardship and a unique and iconic member of the island ecosystem.”