An apple a day: OCS students harvest apples

  • Wed Oct 10th, 2018 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by Orcas Island Christian School

Did you know that it takes 36 apples to produce one gallon of apple cider? Or that two pounds of apples are used in an apple pie? Orcas Christian School students have been learning all of this and more as they celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day in true fashion.

As part of the school’s permaculture program, students went to local orchards and picked a variety of apples, pears and plums. The students put their cooking and baking skills to good use by making plum tartlets to share in the cafeteria. Then the grade levels took turns cranking the cider press and enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Students’ favorite parts included:

“We got to work together and pick apples.”

“Picking pears.”

“Throwing [rotten] apples at targets.”


The students loved getting to spend time outside in the beautiful fall weather, interacting with their community and contributing to their school family.