All about this year’s senior barn

by Moose Kinsey

OIHS senior

Here is the Senior Barn, the Orcas Island High School Class of 2024 has completed the painting and they have added their names.

The painting of The Barn by Fowlers Pond is a tradition that goes back decades on Orcas Island. Every year, The Barn is painted by the graduating class from Orcas Island High School), with each student painting their name on the side once it’s complete.

This year’s design is POP! Art inspired. This design is broken up into panels with the main image of a Viking ship representing the school mascot adjacent to the graduation year of “2024.” The surrounding panels show Island Landmarks and images such as an Orcas Island Map, a Washington State Ferry boat and Mt. Constitution’s (Sx’á7lex’ ) CCC Observation Tower.

There is also a saying, “OI til I Die,” a strong sentiment because many of the members of the class have grown up on Orcas Island (OI) and have deep roots.

The overall featured design was conceived by Moose Kinsey and allowed the class to work together to express everyone’s creativity in the various panels. This layout and colorful approach harkens to the influence of POP! Art artist Roy Lichtenstien. Lichtenstein’s most famous works used a signature comic-book, cartoon style – his works such as “Whaaam!” (1963) were influential and eye-catching.

POP! Art is thought to have been started by Richard Hamilton who was an English collagist and painter. His collage work was inspired by life’s mundanity and the vapidity of mass media production. Aspects of POP! Art have also been influenced by Andy Warhol (1928-87), sometimes referred to as the Father of Pop Art. These and other artists emerged in the 1950s and 60s including Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008), Jasper Johns (b. 1930), as well as Roy Lichtenstein (1923-97).

Once the Class of 2024 selected a design over the summer, the actual painting of the barn could begin. Using paint purchased locally with class funds as well as donations from the island community, the work took place on-site over a few weeks. The Class of 2024 Student Officers organized and many class members made time to participate. Thanks to all of the hard work, this colorful barn will be enjoyed by all who pass by over the next year.

Thanks to Class Advisor Phil Comito, the ASB and class officers. The Orcas Island High School Class of 2024 wishes to thank Marlace and Rick Hughes for continuing to support this long standing graduation tradition.