‘Abstracting Reality’ photography show at library

Submitted by Dave Kosiur.

Years ago, I started by photographing landscapes, especially as I traveled to various parts of North America and later, Europe and Japan.

Eventually my attention shifted from the grand landscapes that we’re so used to seeing in calendars and postcards to what some call “intimate landscapes”. Such photos usually focus on smaller details of nature, often omitting any clue as to the scale, allowing the viewer multiple interpretations.

Of late, my photography has also embraced other techniques for photographing nature, using multiple exposures and what’s called ICM, or intentional camera movement. The idea is to abstract known subjects while keeping some semblance of the original, sometimes by changing the context.

Some of the images displayed here are a combination of both techniques, where each exposure that comprises a multiple exposure captures a different direction of camera movement to create the final image. Other prints are a combination of two images using the computer to blend them.