A review of ‘Tragedy: A Tragedy’ now at OC

by Katie Zwilling

Special to the Sounder

The new production at Orcas Center was a rare treat to experience.

After two years of missing live theater Director Jake Perrine has brought an impactful, timely and thoughtful piece of comedic drama to the stage with “Tragedy: A Tragedy.”

Perrine picked a remarkable ensemble to bring this production to life. Jon Spinogatti, who is making his Orcas debut, brings a depth and charm as Frank in the Studio. Colleen Smith brings a nuanced and powerful performance as Constance at the Home. Caleb Summers portrays Michael the Legal Advisor with a deft sense of comedic timing and relatability. Christopher Evans, who portrays John in the Field, expertly tips the scales from a professional newsroom into a story that starts an unexpected journey.

Perrine has masterfully created the set, with the help of Dane Steck and Mike McGregor. It is no surprise his technical talent shines as the combination of sound and lighting wrap the audience in the experience. He has brilliantly created a show that is an experiential alternate reality. Or is it?

This ensemble of actors does a superb job of presenting what appears to be a team of newscasters presenting a broadcast and becomes a ride that zooms through the spectrum of incredible humor, vulnerability, shifting perspectives, and a heartfelt plea for humanity and connection. Along the way, each actor reveals themselves with a high-stakes vulnerability. Don’t miss this show!

The show runs now through Nov. 13. Ticket sales and showtimes are at www.orcascenter.org.