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Santa's Letter Mailbox in the Labyrinth.

A final message from Ruby the elf

  • Thu Dec 17th, 2020 9:28am
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It’s Ruby here from the North Pole, reporting on the Santa letter mailbox! It’s next to the Emmanuel church on the labyrinth in downtown Eastsound. We have some important announcements to share:

This Friday, Dec. 18, will be the final day to drop letters in the mailbox for Santa as the North Pole Workshop goes into its final phase of Christmas duties for the season!

For those who haven’t heard, here is what the kids can do, if they haven’t already done so:

Write a letter to Santa asking for one or two items of what you want. Be sure to share with your family what you want too!

Ask a parent or an adult to review your letter to make sure it is clear and legible.

Sign and print your name for Santa.

Have the adult print your return address on the letter and put the letter in a sealed envelope with the full name and return address printed outside on the outside of the envelope.

Put Santa’s name on the envelope (no stamp is necessary) and drop the letter in Santa’s mailbox in the center of the labyrinth next to the Emmanuel Episcopal Church at 242 Main Street, across from Pawki’s pet store by Friday, Dec. 18.

I’m concerned because we received several letters without addresses (and some without names and addresses) and what’s an elf to do?!

If you submitted a letter without an address, you are welcome to submit another letter. Clearly write your name, address on the letter and the envelope. Have someone in your family or a parent help you with this!

Things are very, very busy during this joyful time. Everything is going exactly on schedule.

Sending you polar bear hugs and candy cane dreams from Santa’s workshop!