Youth’s bike run over by unknown driver


To the inconsiderate jerk who drove over my daughter’s bike at the top of Shady Lane last weekend: Perhaps your car was so damaged by driving over my seven-year-old’s bike that you didn’t feel that you should say anything. Even an apology would have been nice. As my 15-year-old daughter pointed out, you would have to be a very bad driver to not see the bike, or miss the expanse of gravel driveway next to it. The bike was parked next to another bike, a skateboard and a scooter next to a tree on a grassy area beside the gravel driveway. The bike is completely ruined, handlebars snapped, seat warped and both pedals completely off. You must have noticed the damage but you drove off without a word or a note. I cannot afford a new bike at this time, and so it is totally my daughter’s loss. Shame on you for not owning up to the damage.

Tracy Leahy

Orcas Island