Yes on the school bond and levy | Letters

We would like to voice our support for both the school bond and levy on the current ballot. The work covered by the bond is a healthy mix of fixing things that should have been taken care of long ago, and improvements that will carry our district forward. The work of the levy will correct longstanding functional problems with our beloved athletic fields and will allow us to accept the gift of a donated track that will benefit the entire island population for years to come.

The school board has earned our trust – the beautiful result of the 2012 bond is evident to anyone who visits our campus. For this bond, they have again listened to the community and sought our input. Our public schools belong to all of us, and it makes sense that we would do what is necessary to protect, preserve and support one of our greatest assets. Don’t forget to get your ballot in by the deadline on election day! The cutoff time at the post office is early – 3 p.m. Ballots can be dropped off at the Orcas Senior Center ballot drop-off box until 8 p.m. on Election Day – Nov. 7. Every vote counts!

Susan Stoltz and David Kau

Orcas Island