Yes for hospital district | Letters

As a retired surgeon and Orcas resident, I am writing in support of the Orcas Hospital District.

On moving to Orcas, I had a concern about a minimal level of primary health care being and staying, available on the island. The past two or so years have been tumultuous on the healthcare front for the island. Additionally, I am not convinced that the University of Washington’s presence at the health center will provide a long-term fix. Let us hope that the UW clinic is a long-term success.

It is my understanding that because of reimbursement rates, among other issues, a small physician-run healthcare practice is no longer a self-supporting venture. It is, therefore, incumbent upon island residents to attempt to provide some measure of long-term fiscal stability for the modest healthcare resources that we do have.

Please vote in favor of the health care district for Orcas.

J. J. Dann, MD, DMD

Orcas Island