Woman in the Woods thank you | Letter

On Saturday evening, March 10, Woman in the Woods Production held its first benefit “And All that Jazz” at the Rosario Discovery House. Guests were serenaded by music from Martin and Moqui Lund and Oliver Groenewald’s band NewNet.

As a new nonprofit organization on Orcas Island, we were wildly delighted by the tremendous community support for our event, another sellout production. This was accomplished because of the support of many individuals and organizations. With a heart full of gratitude and awe, the WIWP board thanks all the people who are our scaffolding: Martin and Moqui Lund, Ollie Groenewald and his NewNet Band, Islands’ Sounder and Orcas Issues, Cindy Morgan and Nest, Christina and Bruce Orchid along with kitchen helpers: Luke Pietsch, Delmi Sanchez, Sebastian Lackaff, Bryanna Gregg and Julio. We want to thank the Rosario stars Jolene Versaille, Christopher Peacock, Chef Raymond and April Duke. We thank the volunteers who served dinner with outstanding grace and professionalism: Pam Evans, Becky Vinson, Jessie Hedeen, Dora Frazier and Marsha Segault. Thank you, Theron Sunderland and Ginny Hawker for the wine, Carla Stanley for her art, Katie Thomas, Mary Noesen, Anita Castle, our outstanding emcee Don Drozd, Mia Kartiganer, Artha Kass, Sarah Cooper, Judy Pigott, Becca Stordahl, Vanna Novak, and all the donors for the live and silent auction: Island Excavation, The Barnacle, Tom Fiscus, Richard and Nanae Fralick, Rainshadow Consulting, Smith & Speed Mercantile, Tom Baldwin and Miriam Ziegler, Doe Bay Resort and Joe and Maureen Brotherton, New Leaf Café, Hogstone/Aelder, Inn at Ship Bay, Mia’s Café, Kenmore Air, Robert Leonard Salon, Orcas Village Store, The Kitchen, Jazz Alley, Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival, Norm Stamper, Hedrick Smith, Mayflower Park Hotel, Savannah and her willingness to surrender “Rudy the Rooster” for the cause, and our sponsors: Steve and Victoria Smith of Monte Mar Properties, Mariah and John Dunning, Jim Passer and The Lower Tavern, Island Market, Joe Cohen and Martha Farish, and our generous anonymous donors. To everyone who participated in making this event shine, you are gems in our woods.

Rachel Newcombe

Woman in the Woods