Win, lose or draw | Letter

It’s clear that many San Juan Islanders are ready for ranked-choice voting. Our campaign is hopeful about the results and we’ll be watching closely as more ballots are counted. I’m so incredibly proud of the campaigns we ran across Washington. Tonight, there are hundreds of volunteers, donors, and supporters in Seattle, San Juan and Clark Counties bound by the idea that we can work together to improve our democracy.

They believe in democracy in a time that faith in our democratic institutions is crumbling. They know, like we all do, that the idea that democracy is working just fine is preposterous. People in every corner of Washington know that things could be better, and because of what they’re seeing around the country, are coalescing around Ranked Choice Voting as the clear next step in improving our democracy.

Many San Juan Islanders are ready for ranked-choice voting, but we still have some work to do. We’re looking forward to continuing to build our movement in San Juan County and working with the legislature to open up even more opportunities for better elections.

Win, lose or draw, we always knew tonight was always going to be only the next step in a long march toward a truly reflective and equitable democracy. We’ll be taking this momentum to the legislature. Our work isn’t over until voters can elect candidates who are responsive to all constituents, who prioritize issues over ideology, and policy over politics.

FairVote Washington