Why streetlights? | Letter

Why streetlights? | Letter

In response to the news that street lights are not only planned but funded for Eastsound Village.

My question is why? Unless there are unreported occurrences within the village I don’t see that safety is an issue. Would the vandalism of a few years ago been avoided; the Barefoot Burglar stopped? Or would the lights have made their efforts easier? My understanding is that sidewalks with curbs, which are a safety issue in themselves, are planned as well. Would not gravel paths the same height as the roads work more effectively? Has a low level, less intrusive lighting been considered? I can’t imagine the residents of Eastsound want lights shining into their houses all night long.

As a 30-year resident of the island, if not Eastsound proper, I feel we, as stewards, have a responsibility to maintain the singular, if a bit rustic, charm of our village. As an Islander I cherish it and it is attractive to tourists. We are not Newport Beach nor even Friday Harbor. Orcas has its own distinct appeal.

I am curious to hear from residents of the village. Is this something they are in favor of and why. I feel more discussion is called for before it is a “fait accompli.”

Lynda Johnson