Why I didn’t vote for the bond


Over the years I’ve watched my property value skyrocket, while I’ve watched our economy crumble. There is no way I could sell my property for what it is supposedly worth, still my property taxes keep rising. Every other year there is something on the ballot that raises my property taxes: the school bond, fire levy, etc. Am I renting the property I own from the government? I have three children, none of whom use the public school. There are plenty of options for children on the islands with scholarship opportunities for most, if not all, of them. As I see it, my tax money already goes to a school my family doesn’t use. I am not against taxes, but it’s getting ridiculous.

Does anyone think if this bond had passed that local contractors would have a shot at the job? Over the past 10 years there has been an alarming trend of the wealthy hiring off-island contractors to build their mansions. If you have the money to use local contractors and don’t because you can’t save thousands of dollars on top of the millions you have, you are a discredit to our community. You are putting the lives of hard working families in jeopardy so you can save a few bucks. If I thought that local contractors had a chance at rebuilding the school, I might have voted yes.

I own a business on the island, and last year our family business had its worst grossing year, and we actually got a descent tax return because of the money we lost. What did we do with it? We paid property taxes.

If you are angry because the school bond didn’t pass, don’t be angry at the voters; be angry at our government. If our government wasn’t spending trillions of dollars on a war that most American citizens don’t want, or spending trillions on corporate bailouts instead of bailing out the American people, I’m sure there would be plenty of money for the school. I wish I could help. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to do so, along with many other people living here.

Kim Thomas

Orcas Island