‘Whale of a Show’ was a success | Letters

What a fun show it was! My heart felt so open the entire time because of what I witnessed on stage and backstage.

Children shared their own creations with joy; groups of children relied on each other; enthusiastic older children congratulated younger children; younger performers—with their lack of inhibition and their energy—inspired older children to have fun on stage.

Backstage parents, teachers, volunteers kept the rhythm and flow seamlessly and created a supportive, magical theater atmosphere.

An endlessly supportive audience cheered on all efforts.

What an amazing showcase opportunity for the energy and enthusiasm of devoted dance, music, and voice teachers and children who are self-taught with their supportive parents.

What a wonderful opportunity for children to shine on the Orcas Center stage! This is how community theater thrives on Orcas Island!

Didier Gincig

Orcas Island